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  1. CatByte, Just wanted to follow up on something you said: You quoted the EULA as follows: "provided that your usage shall be governed by the terms and conditions of this Agreement applicable to Malwarebytes for Business users and not the terms and conditions applicable to Home users. (“Small Business Exception”). " So I took a look at the Business section and I noticed that it said the license was for " you to use the Software solely for your internal business purposes. " So then would it be a problem if my home devices are for both business and personal use? Or is this more of a reference to, for example, hosting a client website on your machine? - Michele
  2. Much Appreciate confirmation from the staff. Thanks CatByte and Firefox!
  3. Thanks ... I just wanted to know if I was required to get something else. Some companies have a decided "home device means home device and no business on that device" policy, so I wanted to check.
  4. Thanks for your reply! Just wanted to clarify... It is less than five devices to install on, so I don't want to buy five seats (which seems to be the minimum you can buy for the "startup company" version) . I really just need 1 or 2 licenses,
  5. Which version of Malwarebytes should I have if I'm an individual freelancer, using less than 5 devices (like two or three laptops I may use for work purposes)? Would this change if I became an employee for an organization and still use my own devices for work? (Such as for working remotely?)
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