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  1. Thanks Ron, I've very much appreciated all the effort you've put in to this situation. Thank you very kindly. I'll let you know if anything turns up. I'm sure we'll be in contact again anyway. Take care and stay well. Best, Mal.
  2. G'day Ron, Still having issues here. The latest is a Google "Offline Installer" which scored 10/10 which scored 10/10 on the malicious scale on a VoodooShield Cuckoo Scan. Here's the link if you'd like a look: http://voodooshield.ddns.net:8080/analysis/12114/ I think it's time this goes back to the manufacturer. I'll get them to flatten and re-image the machine. Plus check for anything that may be embedded in any ROMs or elsewhere. If you have any further suggestions, I'd be glad to hear them? Thanks again for all your help. I hope y
  3. Hey Ron, Sorry to hear about your 4TB drive mate. I hope you manage to recover what you can. I'm thinking this is now looking pretty good. If I continue to have trouble, the manufacturer can sort it out. Power Tool has been acting up. It's not displaying the registry content anymore (Zero Registry Content.) Also, quite a lot of the other data is missing. If I manage to get Power Tool to run correctly again, I'll shoot through the registry keys to you. I can't access them using Regedit. I'll check back in just in case you have any further thoughts or comm
  4. Howdy Ron, I well know that "Round the clock" feeling. I was spending most of my time likewise. The Christmas period was insane. I felt I needed to grow extra hands. Here are a few screenshots solely from the Subdirectories from the C:\ drive. (Sorry, I slipped a couple more in if they'll attach.) I haven't done more yet as I don't want to overwhelm you. There are plenty more scattered around. I'll let you have a look at these and see if you think it's worth continuing. I had a bit of a look through the registry too. There are some keys I'd call unusual, bu
  5. Roger that Ron. I have an appointment now. Grab some downtime, I'll see you likely your tomorrow. I'll post them as soon as I'm done. Thank you very much again, Mal.
  6. Good to hear thanks Ron. PowerTool is showing quite a few odd files in red. There are a number in subdirectories off a variety of others. As I'm not familiar with it, I'll leave those up to you. I'll submit those logs now then I have to shoot off for a while. Thank you again. Best, Mal. FRST_Recvy_Whitelisted.txt FRST_Recvy_NON_WHITELISTED.txt FRST_STD_MODE_RUN_1.txt Addition_STD_MODE_RUN_1.txt FRST_Non Whitelisted Standard Mode Run 1.txt Addition_Non Whitelisted Standard Mode Run 1.txt
  7. G'day Ron, I ran a few FRST64 scans from command prompt booting from the DVD as requested.(This is the only form of Recovery Environment I can run from.) I have a standard FRST.txt - Whitelisted (Updated FRST ver.) FRST.txt NON Whitelisted (Updated FRST ver.) I have a standard FRST.txt - Whitelisted (Original Detecting FRST ver.) FRST.txt NON Whitelisted (Original Detecting ver.) The other tool would not run in the Recovery Environment, nor would TDSSKiller or much else. I also re-ran the Non-Whitelisted scan in the Standard Windo
  8. Shall do. Thanks. Computer just went to BSOD. Then updated and restarted multiple times. Odd. Thank you. Mal.
  9. Hi Ron, I used the Registry Search (Jump to) feature of the tool. Null result. Please find attached the requested file. Best, Mal. notify.zip
  10. Here's the RogueKiller Resullt. I'm holding at the end of the scan. Thank you. rk_34DE.tmp.txt
  11. Not onsite Ron. I do have DVD install media which was created from a "Clean" machine. The copy I would prefer to use dates back a bit(Sept. release,) but if it's contaminated a heck of a lot of people are in strife.
  12. Hi Ron, No sign of the Registry Key in either SAFE or STANDARD MODE. Thanks, Mal.
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