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  1. Local disk(c) size has been increasing. i almost planning to buy new hard disk. My friends says it is software damage. Malware ruined it. Actually 16 GB free space has to be there. But it is now 7.89 GB. Sometimes it goes up to 2 GB free. I can not able to even start computer.
  2. Ok. Thank you for your assistance Kevin, I think Delfix is not needed.
  3. Greetings, Kevin. Ok. If there is no malware I am happy for it. By the way I am using windows 8.1 not windows 10. Why should I read that one.
  4. Ok. I ran ESET online scanning. Here is the report. Do you know what, by increasing like that it made full disk without free space left. I reinstalled my system, I formatted the local disk(c) and checked everything was fine. But after minutes again it was full. Now, also it slowly increasing. Yesterday it was 9.90 GB now it is 9.08 GB. Tomorrow it will be 8.50GB, and after tomorrow 8GB. At last it will make disk full. Sometimes it drains internet bandwidth so bad, within two seconds it can drain 100 MB. What do you have me do?
  5. Greetings, Kevin. 9.86 GB free now. But sadly it variates within seconds again like in the past. Is it multiplying itself or downloading from internet i don't know.
  6. Greetings, Kevin. The free space in local disk(c) is increased. The operation took 3 hrs 15 mins. Here it is Log file. Now winsxs folder in windows was showing 7.10 GB. Before Dism operation it was always showing 16.1 GB. I will inform you if it increases again. dism.log
  7. Nope. System Restore is disabled. Winsxs folder in windows supposed to be 5.17 GB containing 45,141 files and 12.024 folders. But after infection it is showing 16.1 GB.
  8. Yeah, Here it is. 2018.03.03-07.46.20-i0-t92-d0.txt With all due respect here what is problem is check the pictures and notice that local disk(c) size changes every minute. It's supposed to be 13 or 14 GB free but unfortunately it is showing 3.2 GB like that.
  9. Greetings, Kevin. May I tell you something. I have been through with all these FRST, AdwCleaner, Rougekiller anti-virus, tdsskiller, eset online scanner, OTL, rkill, JRT, Revo uninstaller, Speecy app etc. The fixlist I tried it made me lost IP address, I called Technician he came and given a new IP address. It is 10 months my system had this malware. I have been using internet on my system like 4 years. Local disk(c) size changes even there are no downloads and uploads. I used AVG also it even got worse.
  10. Greetings, Kevin. Here are those reports. malwarebytes report.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  11. Hi, Everyone. My system is malware affected. I reinstalled it with this windows 8.1. In reinstalling process I formatted local disk (c) also. But malware is not gone. Local disk(c) size is always increases and decreases. No app is set automatically update in my computer even in windows update settings I choose 'never check for updates'. I am using internet in my system. It always uploads data. Scanned with may anti-malware applications but no use. Once I did not started my system for two months after that I scanned it it showed trojan malware. I removed it but nothing useful. Help me.
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