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  1. Hello, when logging in to the management console I'm getting the error Login failed for user 'mbam' This is our database user. The user isn't locked or deactivated. Is there any possibility to change the password or to reenter at the mbam management server? Thanks in advance
  2. Thanks. FYI: We are only applying printers and network shares via kixtart.
  3. Looking good so far. On 3 PCs we don't have freezes at startup anymore. Nevertheless we need to switch our kixtart scripts to gpo policies. thank you very much!
  4. We will try this, I will let you know if that solved our problem. Thanks so far
  5. Hello together, some of our computers starting to freeze when loading the logon script in an active directory domain. we only can hardly shut them down after this. our logon script calls kix32.exe to run some tasks, i think that's the issue. kixtart page: http://www.kixtart.org/ when using a user without a logon script, the computer starts smoothly. any advice for us?
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