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  1. OK, I didn't realize you could exclude an application like that, thanks. So the only problem is the db connect from apache to mariadb...
  2. Exactly my setup. But in my case every page load using the database was slow. For me these settings fixed the slow page load after not using the website for a while: session.gc_divisor=1000 session.gc_maxlifetime=0 session.gc_probability=1 But I didn't have mwb running at the time It also blocks torrent trackers which is pointless so I decided I can't use mwb
  3. I run apache web server and mysql database on my windows 10 pc for building websites. I brought malwarebytes a few years ago and used it for a while and there was no problem. A few days ago a user had malware on their computer and malwarebytes solved the problem, windows defender couldn't see anything wrong. So I installed malwarebytes on my pc and suddenly my web server became ridiculously slow. I did timings and found that the connection to the database was taking a few seconds. I Uninstalled malwarebytes and the web server was fast again. The company is asking me for a recommendation for which anti-virus we should standardize on. I was going to recommend malwarebytes but this sort of thing should not happen.
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