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  1. We make sure no-one is logged over-night on all computers so no entity can assume the credentials of the current logged on user. Whose credentials does Malewarebytes use for scanning if no-one is logged on.
  2. I do IT security audits for banks . . even most admin never get around to configuring Scans of the file system with the their enterprise anti-virus systems. So I suppose many customers never think about configuring a custom scans with Malware Bytes. The interface could definitely be improved . . Thank You.
  3. Your recommendation does not work on this computer. I had been closing with the drop down menu in the upper left and that did not work. Closing with X does not work. Closing the windows is not enough. Only terminating Malwarebytes in the Task Bar will result in displaying the Scan Options we were looking for. Or ending the Malwarebytes Service in the Windows Task manager. That works too. I suppose rebooting the computer would do it by this is our Domain Controller / Exchange server so it runs weeks without a restart.
  4. SOLVED (but strange software design) I selected "Quit Malwarebytes" in the task bar. Then when I opened it, the scan menu was there. I will say again that is strange interface design, but now I know. THANK YOU !
  5. As far as I can tell, the page you show above does not exist on this computer. It Does appear on another computer I installed yesterday. If uninstall and reinstall, would that burn my activation, or does it recognize a repeat activation on a specific system ID.
  6. I have Malwarebytes Premium 3.3.1. I can't find Custom Scan under Scan or Custom Scan, or Edit Scan What am I missing ? Thanks
  7. All of our computers have the Windows Libraries on drive D: or E: , so all user documents and downloads are on D: or E: I have never seen Anti-Virus software that couldn't specify drive letters to scan. Our user content is NOT on C: because we restore drive C: with an updated Disk Image regularly so Windows is always a "clean install"
  8. There are no logs on the Reports Page of Malware Bytes, so it blocks onboard applications from all DNS without creating a log.
  9. I installed Malwarebytes on our Server 2008 R2 Domain Controller / Exchange Server. "Website Blocking" breaks all functions on the Domain Controller that require internet access, including the Exchange Server, Malewarebytes Licensing and Malewarebytes Updates. Microsoft Domain Controllers use their own internal DNS server for on-board applications with the internal DNS server handling those DNS requests for internet web sites. This would be problem for all Microsoft Domain Controllers with Malwarebytes 3 so I am hoping there is a well-known solution. One work-around, is to add an external DNS server address to the Domain Controller's network adaptor, but that is not a recommended configuration for a Domain Controller. The domain controller is supposed to use its own DNS server which forwards DNS requests to a public DNS server for internal clients including itself.
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