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  1. I use Firefox on my android for general browsing to unknown sites because they do the security thing far better than Chrome. I still use Chrome for accessing regularly used known 'safe' sites. I've been cutting back my general browsing except in cases when I just need info. I, for the most part, really don't care if they track me--hell, I just ignore most ads anyway (though the video ads that shove themselves at me despite having auto-play turned off are a little difficult to ignore). If I find that to be a problem with a particular site (like PCMag), I just avoid them--by forcing themselves on me, they guarantee losing me. I do that in my offline life, so nothing new there ! And any FB contacts that dump constant SPAM in the newsfeed just get their feed blocked--they're relegated to my checking their feed periodically when I can. That's life. Despite Tech companies wanting and working actively to control us, we need to be aware that they are likely trying, and take back control ourselves. It's kinda like don't throw the baby out with the bath water--the tech is useful.
  2. And for me also ! My 'beloved' NOAA site came up without incident ! Yay !! Thank you Dashke. Interesting that a legitimate site can be housing an illegitimate 'side business'. It's the wild west out there !
  3. Qualtrics is phoning home using the browser where the page is being viewed that it was downloaded to as a cookie. In my case, N, OAA is using Qualtrics to 'test' its website. Any websites we might use that use Qualtrics will have the same problem I'm afraid unless we tell MWB to exclude it from website protection. I'll avoid that until MWB tells me to. Until then, Qualtrics will just be blind to my visit.
  4. BTW, I became aware of the problem using Chrome. I checked to see if the NOAA site had a problem on FireFox--it does. It also has a problem on MS Edge
  5. I know enough about computers and IT to both get myself into trouble and to get myself out of most jams. However, when it comes to malware and general security, I know I'm weak. I do the best I can, an'd know when I need to report a problem to the 'powers that be. This issue, whatever it is (and I think for some reason MWB sees qualtrics suddenly as a BAD GUY) Qualtrics itself seems to be for real though. It really doesn't interfere with my use of the computer--I have work arounds (like using another weather site). Hopefully MWB will figure it out soon, because it is annoying.
  6. I sent this email to NOAA, started getting more MWB notices so I looked deeper I access the NOAA 7 Day weather site for Providence 02906 daily. Today, all of a sudden, my Malware Software went crazy with your site, apparently with outgoing communications FROM my computer. Be aware and do please stop !! I have attached a snippet of the notice I received.
  7. Sherrb, I have Premium also and have real time turned on, but only do a full scan every week. My scan ran this morning around 9; I didn't have a problem until a little while ago
  8. They all seem to be outbound communications, meaning MWB's is not stopping an incoming
  9. How many people did a scan today--I'm wondering if the problem is connected with having run a scan. Zoe
  10. I'm having the same problem, and it's happening while I'm logged in to this site. I'm betting it's a new malware that slipped under the fence. It started a little earlier when I checked a NOAA 7 day weather site. Zoe
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