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  1. Hi all, I posted a thread earlier regarding this and here I am with my Farbar results (both FRST and Additional) as well as my Malwarebytes scan results. The issue that brought me here was my computer popping up with a black box that says "taskeng.exe" on the top. It would then disappear immediately. This happens pretty much every time I turn on my computer and/or open Chrome at some point. I've tried to look around at Microsoft forums and such for an answer to this question but I'm still not sure what's going on. I was told to see if is malware or not, check its location and make sure it's in
  2. Hey there everybody. I apologize if this has already been answered, but I wanted to get your advice on something as I have more than one question. My computer has been popping up with the black screen displaying "taskeng.exe" very quickly, and then it goes away. It usually only does this a bit after starting up and sometimes after opening Chrome. I looked this up and some people say it's fine, others say it could be a sign of a virus/spyware. I did open up task scheduler, go to the task scheduler library, and disabled a task called "User_Feed_Synchronization" after being advised to do so on a
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