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  1. Yes, I always keep the older ones.😉 I just noticed that v. loads with some delay at startup on XP SP3 (1-2 mins). It also affects the network connection. Have to wait until my connection is established. This behaviour causes an entry in event viewer (Service Control Manager ID:7022).
  2. I was still running v. and hesitating to install on my XP SP3. I accidentally installed it. It works very well. I also was able to add SlimJet browser to shields list with success. 😃👍
  3. The problem was related neither to MBAE nor to Panda Dome. It was related to Adobe Flash plugin in Firefox. After disabling "protected mode", no more tab hangs or crashes when closing Firefox.😉
  4. Thanks. I thought so, too. But I found it a little weird because there was no card inserted. And there was only wmpnscfg.exe file in Task Manager, as always. But yes, when monitoring the Task Manager continuously, I was able to see wmplayer.exe which appears and disappears very quickly. Thanks again.
  5. Recently I installed MBAE on my Vista 32bit. I could say , it worked well until now. But whenever I power on my printer, it says "Windows Media Player is now protected". Same notification also appears when I power it off. It's a Brother printer with built-in card readers. Is that a correct behaviour?
  6. As a last resort, before resetting Firefox, I was focusing on my antivirus software Panda Dome 18.05. There were no hangs / no crashes while it was temporary disabled. I visited a few "safe" web pages only with no protection. Two days long! Then I installed the latest MBAE It works very well since yesterday. No problems by now. From now on, I'll be monitoring Panda Dome, after enabling it again. Thanks for your help.
  7. MBAE is completely uninstalled (no registry entries etc.). WebGL is disabled as well. Unfortunately the problem persists. Firefox still hangs randomly and crashes when trying to close it. 😞 At this point, I think the problem isn't related to MBAE. Maybe I have to reset Firefox. Thanks for trying to help.
  8. Thanks. I could try the new beta. But first let's clarify the situation. I'm still not sure if MBAE is the real cause of crashes I got. I wasn't able to find any explanation on the net about these red lines in Firefox crash reports. Was still getting some hangs/crashes in Firefox although MBAE was already uninstalled. Until I disabled WebGL via about:config. Is there more than one reason? Does WebGL trigger crash as well? Need some time to be sure. I'll report back.
  9. In the last few months I often get crashes in Firefox 52.9.0 ESR running on Vista 32bit. So I decided to look at crash reports in Firefox. There are some red lines about MBAE. Some of them are in Modules section, some in Threads. Does that mean MBAE is the main cause of crash? (Two screenshots attached!). I completely uninstalled MBAE just to test how Firefox would behave without it. Thanks in advance.
  10. The problem seems to be solved on my end. No more "Unable to access update server" today.🙂
  11. Same problem both on Vista and Windows 7 running MBAM However it updates successfully in background. No problem at all on XP SP3 running MBAM 1.75.
  12. Same problem on Vista SP2 32bit. Downgraded to
  13. Thanks Arthi. But the option you mentioned was already enabled. I downloaded from the link here: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/205865-malwarebytes-anti-exploit-112-build-68-released/
  14. Well, I manually upgraded it to Thanks.
  15. The MBAE version on my Windows 7 is still It doesn't detect and download the latest version any longer. The last one downloaded to Windows/Temp folder and installed is (24.03.2018). Why is that? Should I install the latest version manually? Thanks.
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