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  1. Well, it seems to have worked. Thanks a lot everyone! I gave it a bit to make sure, but I haven't had a problem since. :)
  2. Okay, I have reinstalled bitdefender and I installed malwarebytes premium after words. Here is the file. I just updated to the latest components package (1.0.527). In the mean time, I will see it the problem happens again. mbst-grab-results.zip
  3. So, I have always run Malwarebytes premium along side Eset, and most recently, Bitdefender. All of a sudden, I found my windows 7 PCs were doing things like slowing down, refusing to shut down, and loosing the ability to browse the internet despite the computer saying I was connected. At first, I thought the problem was with bitdefender's new update. When I uninstalled bitdefender, the problems would stop. I had just about decided to go back to Eset when I found that I had the same problem with Eset running along side malwarebytes premium. I have never had this problem before, and again, it is only my windows 7 PCs. My windows 10 PCs don't seem to be having a problem. I'm assuming that it is an issue with malwarebytes premium now. Any help would be appreciated.
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