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  1. yes that's the AT&T modem/router IP address. Thank you so much for helping me out, I really, really appreciate it.
  2. hey Kevin, sorry for the late reply, it's been a busy work week for me but I finally got back over to me friends house and run FRST. here are the logs from both Rogue Killer and FRST. Any info and expertise you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again. roguekillerreport.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  3. So a friend was completely scammed by a fakeav virus. it popped up, wouldn't let them do anything, they called the number, let the people access their PC and install some kind of software to "remove" the virus. they were able to use their PC afterward but i came over today to run malwarebytes and rogue killer to see if they found anything. Malwarebytes said it found no threats, but rogue killer found 5 potentials. But I need some help looking at the rogue killer log to see if theres any real threats on there, thanks.
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