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  1. Right, I haven't jumped the gun this time and allowed my PC to remain running for a good few hours and even played the new HUNT: Showdown game for a good few hours, with MWbytes running including everything protected (web protection etc) and SO FAR.. no troubles Most happy again lol
  2. Yeah unfortunately got the BSOD screen 3 times in the space of 20 mins back to the drawing board i guess and web protection is back off for time being. I would upload my memory dump file but it's close to 1GB .. i won't be uploading that bugger lol
  3. So far so good! 'appy days! been on for over an hour now and no BSOD
  4. Yeah that beta update had no change to BSOD got my blue screen within 15 minutes.
  5. @BrianInWA Cheers, solved it for me too so at least MB is running now but just not with web protection. @dcollins I have emailed you the .zip with the added extras of memory dump file and the two files from FRST all in one package. Let me know if you get them.
  6. I'm also a premium member of MWB and since this afternoon when my PC updated to the latest security updates from microcrap (February 13, 2018—KB4074588 (OS Build 16299.248)) I'm now getting BSOD every 5 - 25 minutes of the system being on. I have since stopped auto start with windows and it's fixed the problem but now MB isn't running at all. Any fix would be great atm as my PC is now vulnerable. Thank you.
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