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  1. Just done a clean boot as outlined in the article and it seems ok.
  2. Good news! So I turned it on to boot normally and it did it's usual sitting on a blank screen. Hit Ctrl+Alt+Del and walked away when it did nothing and when I came back half an hour later it was sat on the logon screen (despite when I initially posted having sat for over an hour and then giving up!). Given the opportunity I have run all the reports you asked for which should hopefully be attached and I have also made a repair disc. Is there any way to create an ISO image you mentioned? Addition.txt FRST.txt malwarebytes report.txt
  3. Aura, it wont let me run MSCONFIG. Tried a few times in the default drive and c drive.
  4. Hi Aura, I have managed to download both piece of software but I have only been able to run FRST and even then it didn't give me the check box for the additional.txt file. I have attached the one report that was run. At present I am not able to get to the desktop in regular or safe mode. The only function I can get to is Cmd Prompt. I tried installing MalwareBytes on a flash drive and can open it on my partners laptop but when I try to run it from Cmd Prompt I got a "The subsystem needed to support the image type is not present." message. Hopefully this one report is of some assistance! Thanks again! FRST.txt
  5. Hi Aura, Thanks for getting back to me. I’ll try and get that info for you tomorrow once i find a flash drive to transfer the logs to a computer I can upload them from. I’m on UK time so I don’t know how far apart we are in terms of time zones but just thought I’d let you know! Thanks again Aura!
  6. Hi, Having massive issues with my windows 7 laptop. I tried to login and it was stuck on the windows loading icon (>1 hour) before booting into a black screen showing just the mouse pointer which I could move around. Tried to boot it into safe mode but the exact same thing happened. I can get into the system recovery tool so tried a system restore but no matter what point in time I choose it fails. Trying to boot in to the last known good config also fails to produce a result. I can open the cmd prompt but don’t really know where to go from here. Considered downloading a win 7 iso image from them but as the product key on the back of the laptop comes up as (essentially) “this a pre installed key, please get in touch with your provider”. Please help!
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