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  1. Nohing yet. Thank you both for all the help. If in the future anything happen I will open a new topic.
  2. It was a newly installed PC and I usually went the same websites since years without problems so I have no idea too. For now can we leave open the topic if anything happen again? I will be more careful about the visited page to see if something happen.
  3. Maybe it was chrome but not sure. I asked my litle brother since he can use my PC when visiting me and told me he went a page where usually watched his cartoons and they changed the domain or something but the previous one was blocked in Firefox with red screen and said Firefox stopped to go to the website or stopped tto commectt to the websie, sadly I dont know I didnt see. Could this be the one?
  4. Is it possible the website was visited in Chrome and because Firefox is my main browser the pop up happened in firefox?
  5. Of course I can However some changes already happened. I deleted the history and one website I usually visited. Since I deleted that website no pop-up happened after firefox got reseted(after refresh always got the pop-up message before www.mangapanda.com got deleted) Just in case I send the previous and the new log files set of FRST Also sorry for bothering you with my impatiance just trial is end today and I cant purchase to premium at the moment. This mean I going to be unprotected for two weeks. FRST Prev.txt Addition Prev.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  6. After I wrote the previous message just in case I deleted the fanfox pages and cleared every browsing datas, The pop-up didnt show up after refreshing Firefox however after 10 mins I got this message while watching videos in indavideo.hu I never got alarm in this site before.
  7. Oh and sometimes when I visited fanfox got 502 bad gateway message but it was just a few times. Also I dont know if this problem related with the block but when I visited fanpage wiki what has background image in the top of screen got some text and the backgound didnt load. ater reloading the page it solved. text.txt
  8. Hi! First it happened both times when visited this site http://fanfox.net/ The first one happened at 12 days ago. I got this message if visited youtube and fan wikia pages too(sadly I dont know this page was open at that time) I ran malwarebytes, win defender, hitmanpro, Zemana, eset and they found nothing, So I did a full clear with CCleaner. I dont know the pop up stopped after CCleaner but the next day got nothing, it was good for a week and before I started this topic the pop up got blocked again visited fanfox website. During that week when I got no alarm still visited it more times and nothing happened. Yesterday I tried to refesh firefox but whenever I did it I got the blocked pop up message alongside with the newly started firefox.
  9. Is it possible a website saved in chrome can caus this because firefox is my main browser?
  10. @Porthos Hi. Yesterday you told me to delete foxit reader. I did it however some file left in the PC and couldn't be deleted until Firefox was closed. Then I searched in regedit to find anytthing left from foxit and found this in the image and some other. The circled one value was URL foxit protocol before I deleted it. Is it can be related with the problem?
  11. About this I usually dont get the pop up too but for example when I first visited this page after my PC got reisntalled I got the warning message when I first went to this page. I visited several times and nothing. For one week no pop up happened then before I started this topic I visited this page again and got the warning message again.
  12. So what can I do now? If my trial run out this pop up can be open?
  13. Maybe this site http://fanfox.net/ Once a week I visit this page and read manga's. IF I remember correcly both times I got the first warning when I visited this page. However I red fromt this page since years and never got pop-up message or any pop-up windows. Should I try to delete these bookmarks and refresh firefox again? I would like to remove this pop-up message because I often use ebay and paypal for my work and it would be a big trouble if something happen.
  14. I turned back uBlock with the extra filters. Do you want me to send the bookmarks? Or just visit every page to see if its happen again or not?
  15. I did refresh so uBlock was removed but the problem still on. While I used my browser this pop up happened very rarely. So I cant answer immediatelly to get block or not after the changes in uBlock.
  16. Sadly got it, malwarebytes put it 2 times to the reports
  17. I get the block not really often but with a refresh I can test it.
  18. My filters already looks like yours. In the prev picure Adguard Spyware Filters wasnt selected so I left it unselected too. Now you circled it but still unselected. Need to turn on?
  19. These are my Ublock settings I deleted foxit reader but some leftflover folder cant be deleted. It says its the fodler ot he file is opened in an another program. I didnt have these progams in my prev system: LAME, qbittorrent, LADPSA, office(but already deleted), Foxit reader,
  20. No, I never used. Try to refresh after deleted foxit reader? IS it enough to uninstal foxit reader plugins to delete program with Clenaer?
  21. Here the logs I dont know its important or not but before this problem started I got a Blue screen while watched Twitch. Afer I restarted my PC the account I used got damaged, nothing worked like commands the toolbar didnt work too. So I needed to reinstal my system howerer Im not really know how to so asked my trusted friend to do it.Hopefuilly I could saved every my files to a different HDD and the PC got reinstalled. My internet connection is slow so I asked him to save for me the needed drivers and he brought it with his pendrive. He installed them and some another programs like Office, LAME, LADSPA,qBitorent and foxit reader, nothing more. After we was done I imported the bookmarks I saved from my prev system and I started to load every saved page and got the first blocked message from Malware Addition.txt FRST.txt
  22. The Basic homepage, but I usually used blank page .
  23. I run again Hitmanpro and now found two new tracking cookies, ads.pubmatic.com and pubmatic.com. Also delted this ones several times. The blocked pop up page is "go.pub2srv.com" Can we find a fast solution? My malwarebyes trial will expire within 2 days.
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