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  1. MamaCoco

    What are you watching ?

    I just can't wait! Feel like the whole childhood comes back...
  2. No, I don't think that's enough...I have anti-virus software Avira on my Mac in addition to Malwarebytes in case.
  3. MamaCoco


    I second Avast and Avira, I have used them in the past and at present so nothing to complain about.
  4. MamaCoco

    Best Way To Guard against Malware.

    Malwarebytes has a free version for anti-malware that I would recommend you to use. If you need the premium features and run on multiple devices, they have package starting from $39 (around that, I don't remember the exact number). There is other good software such as Avira, Avast, you can have a look. However for me, it's best is to arm yourselves with more knowledge about malware before choosing your provider, including malware types, how to recognize them and what to do when they attack. I believe you then can push the software to its best performance. Hope it helps!
  5. MamaCoco

    What are you listening to?

    Best of all time to me. "Human" of The Killers
  6. MamaCoco

    What are you watching ?

    @Firefox haha too cute! It always amazed me how kids can change their mood and reaction in just one second.
  7. MamaCoco

    Just a Malwarebytes question

    Just disable Malwarebytes then turn it back on manually when you need. I do this sometimes when I download few files from the Internet that I know it's safe, I don't want the software keep telling me to stop downloading.
  8. MamaCoco

    Is youtube-mp3.org Safe?

    Never heard of this website, but if it doesn't show weird redirect or ads that you can click by mistake, then it should be fine.
  9. MamaCoco

    Top ten laptop brands

    I find it hard to go back to Windows after working on Mac for 5 years. But if you're looking for Windows laptop then ASUS is a good choice, reliable computers, elegant design. You can check out ASUS Zenbook if you like lightweight laptops.
  10. MamaCoco

    Computer restarting

    I think those problems are not related to each other. Your mac restart at some points probably because you turned on Auto Update and after the Update, it has to restart.
  11. MamaCoco

    Remove "Advanced Mac Cleaner"

    If you cannot delete it, is there a way to disable the function?

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