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  1. My computer seems to be running just fine just did another scan from malwarebytes and there's still 0 malware, so everything seems to be perfectly clear now that I've dealt with the rootkit.
  2. newest.txt <-- Malwarebytes summary export AdwCleaner[S7].txt <-- AdwCleaner log FRST.txt Addition.txt
  3. All the steps you provided were successful on my part FRST.txt Here is the log created after scanning via the USB boot drive. When I booted up my pc, I did another threat scan and had 60 malware. I quarantined the 60, restarted, scanned again, and for the FIRST time, they didn't reappear! I have 0 malware found now! beforequar.txt <-- Scanning and finding the 60 malware and quarantining them. export.txt <-- After the reboot and re-scan. No more re-appearing malware!! A successful quarantine. Does this mean I'm all fixed and clear? And if so, can I finally re-sync google and feel safe?
  4. Sorry about the slow reply, I now have access to a clean computer so I will be making the boot up usb later today. I will post my reply after I try to complete all these steps. Thank you.
  5. I recently got a virus and removed around 500 malware using malwarebytes and adwcleaner, but there is still 37 stubborn malware still affecting my pc. I scan via malwarebytes and quarantine which prompts a reboot, however, those 37 malware are still on my pc due to the repeated action of "removal failed". Each time I rescan and attempt to quarantine, the malware just keeps reappearing and not being deleted. When I run adwcleaner, it says "no unwanted element found!". but there are still trojans on my pc. I have included my exported log: log.txt and my adwcleaner log: AdwCleaner[S5].txt
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