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  1. Thanks, Ron: Premium license reactivated successfully, Portal account login reset and working again. Life is good! 😉
  2. Maurice, Good advice about the portal. That was the first thing I tried, but my two attempts to log in there met with the dreaded: I'm darn sure I've been in there many times over the years for other issues ; and I use a password wallet, so I'm not sure what's changed. Perhaps the two anomalies are related? Thanks Anyway
  3. AdvancedSetup / Ron, License info sent via private message. Note that I have had a Premium license since 2013. Brian
  4. I just installed 3.8.1 over my up-to-date Premium build and ended up (after a reboot) with this: Do I no longer have a Premium license?
  5. I'm now over 23 minutes in to a manually-initiated threat scan, with the following apparent hang point: Here's my current configuration: Suggested next steps? Thanks.
  6. Two pop-ups that I can recall seeing. Note: if you run the tool under a non-admin account (and pass the UAC challenge) then the zipfile ends up on the Admin desktop, not the one you started under. It took me a couple of minutes to figure this out and relocate the file; some may find this behavior confusing. Just a heads-up. mbst-grab-results.zip
  7. Experienced first BSOD in weeks shortly after installing. I tried to get a shot of the blue screen display but wasn't fast enough. Looked like it crashed in network stack (TCPIP). If I see a second crash before this is figured out I plan to roll back to previous release. Ciao!
  8. OK, here's my data point: This morning Task Manager shows an uptime of 2 days since I installed I don't think it's too soon to theorize that you have, indeed, corrected the WP bug! Oddly (and perhaps coincidentally), I've seen other performance impacts; notably a significant decrease in MS Word launch time. All in all, I'm a happy camper. Thanks!
  9. That's great news! I won't be able to update the machine in question until Saturday night or so, but I'll do so promptly once I return, and will let you know the outcome. Thanks so much!
  10. Sad to report that it ran for only 15 minutes following the reboot with WP enabled; crashed with different stopcode this time (see below). Am uploading the compressed zip to Filemail as usual. ETA 1:26
  11. @dcollins Just made the setting changes and restarted. You'll definitely hear back from me (with a new dumpfile) if there's a regression; otherwise you should interpret no news as good news... Thanks, Brian
  12. Are you sure about that? I re-enabled Web Protection immediately after installing the 2/23 release (4..2.2?) and my machine crashed within 10 minutes. The dump file from that is already uploaded; have you studied it? I'll re enable WP (again) if you insist, but why exactly should I expect a different outcome? Brian
  13. Yup, running version shown below (installed yesterday). Seems to be stable as long as Web Protection is disabled. Brian
  14. Nosferatu_UK: For what it's worth, that's the exact BSOD I see. I've uploaded a bunch of files (incl. dmpfile) for their support folks to analyze; they're obviously motivated to get to the root of this problem and have been very responsive to this point. As a middle ground between "don't start MBAM at boot" and "live with frequent crashes" I've found that disabling Web Protection seems to work well. So far.
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