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  1. I'm now over 23 minutes in to a manually-initiated threat scan, with the following apparent hang point: Here's my current configuration: Suggested next steps? Thanks.
  2. Two pop-ups that I can recall seeing. Note: if you run the tool under a non-admin account (and pass the UAC challenge) then the zipfile ends up on the Admin desktop, not the one you started under. It took me a couple of minutes to figure this out and relocate the file; some may find this behavior confusing. Just a heads-up. mbst-grab-results.zip
  3. Experienced first BSOD in weeks shortly after installing. I tried to get a shot of the blue screen display but wasn't fast enough. Looked like it crashed in network stack (TCPIP). If I see a second crash before this is figured out I plan to roll back to previous release. Ciao!
  4. OK, here's my data point: This morning Task Manager shows an uptime of 2 days since I installed I don't think it's too soon to theorize that you have, indeed, corrected the WP bug! Oddly (and perhaps coincidentally), I've seen other performance impacts; notably a significant decrease in MS Word launch time. All in all, I'm a happy camper. Thanks!
  5. That's great news! I won't be able to update the machine in question until Saturday night or so, but I'll do so promptly once I return, and will let you know the outcome. Thanks so much!
  6. Sad to report that it ran for only 15 minutes following the reboot with WP enabled; crashed with different stopcode this time (see below). Am uploading the compressed zip to Filemail as usual. ETA 1:26
  7. @dcollins Just made the setting changes and restarted. You'll definitely hear back from me (with a new dumpfile) if there's a regression; otherwise you should interpret no news as good news... Thanks, Brian
  8. Are you sure about that? I re-enabled Web Protection immediately after installing the 2/23 release (4..2.2?) and my machine crashed within 10 minutes. The dump file from that is already uploaded; have you studied it? I'll re enable WP (again) if you insist, but why exactly should I expect a different outcome? Brian
  9. Yup, running version shown below (installed yesterday). Seems to be stable as long as Web Protection is disabled. Brian
  10. Nosferatu_UK: For what it's worth, that's the exact BSOD I see. I've uploaded a bunch of files (incl. dmpfile) for their support folks to analyze; they're obviously motivated to get to the root of this problem and have been very responsive to this point. As a middle ground between "don't start MBAM at boot" and "live with frequent crashes" I've found that disabling Web Protection seems to work well. So far.
  11. Thanks for your help so far Devin. Task Manager says my system ran all night, so I guess I'm stable with MB3 disabled (though seriously exposed to threats). I'll definitely look for a (probably massive) dmpfile if and when I blue screen again. If it's anywhere close to memory size I'm not sure how I'll get it to you... I wasn't aware that this forum offered a PM feature; sorry about posting directly earlier rather than using PM as you requested. I will check your PM next. Regards, Brian
  12. dcollins: I've checked in all the usual places and there's no new dumpfile to be found. However (even after restarting) Malwarebytes 3 will not return to Premium mode. If I reenter my original key/ID it complains about "too many devices activated"... This is pretty important: I need the protection, and anyway with the Web Protection feature turned off I'm guessing I won't be experiencing more BSODs anytime soon. Any guidance on how to get past this, so I'm at least back to where I started 8 hour ago? Bedtime now; will check back with you in the AM. Thanks.
  13. dcollins: As you suggested I turned on driver verifier and also requested a complete memory dump. The latter turned out to open a whole can of worms as my machine has 16 GB of RAM and the pagefile was way too small... After restarting I got repeated stopcodes saying Driver Verifier had detected a problem with ahcache.sys. Finally broke out of that loop by booting to safe made and turning off Verifier. For some reason I'm not seeing a created dumpfile (lookin in C:\Windows) so will try to figure out what went wrong there. Possible it's balking at the 16 GB, tho set the max pagefile size at 17,000 MB... My case numbers from 2015/16 are in Post #6. Repeating them here: Case 820485, Case 841097, Case 927247, Case 981365. More when I track down the dumpfile. Oh, and Malwarebytes is now starting in "Free" mode, even though I've been licensed for Premium for years. Sigh...
  14. Porthos: The quoted case was (as I clearly noted) from 2015 -- almost 2 1/2 years ago. Yes, I have a new mobo now, but the system image is the same. It's actually a little annoying that you assumed I didn't know which computer I'm sitting in front of...
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