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  1. who do I send it to, looks like I need an "email to"
  2. Same thing occurred, upgrade process deleted the current version and then rebooted. Once the PC rebooted it tried to install again rebooted. Endless loop
  3. The program and the MB clean are on the computer and run from there. they are saved in the downloads folder
  4. I rebooted into Safe Mode with Networking and ran the MB clean program, text file is attached. I then tried to install the latest version and it kept rebooting and deleted the program. I then reinstalled version 3.1.2 and that one installed fine. mb-clean-results.txt
  5. I will have to try it in the morning, I am leaving in a few minutes
  6. Results are the same, keeps rebooting and deletes the installed version of Malwarebytes. The only version that works is;
  7. I also ran MBCheck, file is attached mb-check-results.zip
  8. Hi I seem to be having a similar problem to others, I had a prompt earlier saying there was a new version so I tried to install it and I now have a loop where it asks me to reboot to complete installation, only problem is it keeps doing it and never installs. It has also deleted Malwarebytes completely. Please Help
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