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  1. With MB as the only AV program running, there have since been numerous occasions where MBAMService takes up a steady 13% CPU - such as now. This goes on for many, many hours - at a guess 6, 8 or more, at a time. I have never timed it. But, it is becoming difficult to cope with. The ambient temperature where I am is high (28 deg +) and the laptop fan regularly comes on and, when it does, MBAMService is usually seen at 13%. I am almost at the point of uninstalling this program completely and requesting a refund, as it is not viable to continue long-term in this way. Is there no logging or d
  2. Last week, I removed Avast entirely and have not seen a repetition of the "13%" problem - CPU levels have been normal, as far as I know (the PC is always on). I am now running with only Malwarebytes Premium as the only protection. Google searches leave me confused as to whether this is adequate or not. I don't want to install anything else if there is a risk of the same high-CPU problem. What would you advise?
  3. Sorry for the delay, and thanks for your reply, but I have been watching what MBAMService is doing. It does eventually quieten down to near-zero CPU. But, it comes back to being a constant 13% quite frequently. I have tried disabling Avast (e.g. for 10 mins) but this has no immediate effect. I might try uninstalling Avast. I should add that I am a s/w developer and am thus creating DLLs and exe files very frequently. Could this be causing MB to be, as it were, constantly on the alert or scanning? I will try to see if the 13% correlates with dev activity.
  4. I have been trialling MB and have just purchased the Home Premium version. MBAMService sits at a near-constant 13% CPU - why? What is it doing? The scheduled scan is not due to run until 2am (it is now 8pm) and a full manual scan was done days ago. Ihave not been installing any new s/w or any such thing. Windows 7 Ult x64, Firefox and PaleMoon browsers running, with Thunderbird - AND Avast. I am not clear as to whether MB makes Avast unnecessary or if the two can - or can not - be running at the same time. MB, fully up-to-date. Thanks in anticipation. [This did
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