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  1. What is your monitor capable of in terms of resolution? It looks like you may have your display set to an uncommon resolution and the program is overlapping the text because of this. Try setting it to its highest resolution or to its "(Recommended)" resolution. If it is capable of 1920 x 1080 or 1280 x 720, see if those resolution sizes fix the issue. Also, you may have some text options in windows configured in a way that this would happen. Best of luck and let us know what happens! Edit: Also check MBAM's settings for any display settings / text settings. Change what you think m
  2. Not a problem and I have to say Thank you to you, @AdvancedSetup and the team here on the forums for taking the time to help customers and trial owners alike. It's nice to see a community that cares about its users and isn't afraid to get directly involved with helping them, whether it be removal of persistent malware down to simple suggestions for the product and receiving a response from the team about it. This is my second day visiting the forums and I see the hard work you all put into this.
  3. Could we ever expect to see a VPN service from MalwareBytes as an included or seperate service? Yes, there are hundreds of VPN services out there already but a lot of those are by companies that a lot of us may have never heard of. When someone wants to use a VPN, they're expecting to use it for their privacy and the companies that run a lot of VPNs, as I already said, pretty much aren't reputable. I'm sure their users wonder if the service provider is stealing or logging their information without their knowledge and possibly making a profit by selling that information. I'd think seeing a VPN
  4. Well, I was going to edit my previous post but It said I took too long editing so I can't edit it now but... I forgot to mention that I did not want to recommend any certain AV because you should honestly look through a list of them and find the AV that seems like the right pick for you. Also you would know exactly what protection you are getting and you won't assume you're getting a certain kind of protection such as the WiFi/Router Analyzer, Firewall Service, Ransomware Service, ect.. which means you'll be more aware of what your system could be / is vulnerable to and would probably be
  5. TL;DR will be included at the end of the post. I know this thread is like a month old but the replies didn't seem extremely helpful except the link to the MBAM 3.0 announcement which sort of answered the question. So I'm creating this post to hopefully help. MBAM "could" replace a traditional AV but it doesn't include some of the helpful tools that many AVs do provide. If MBAM were to include tools such as a pre-startup scan, Sandbox mode, Sensitive Data protection, I would feel different about it. Personally, I like to use an AV program along side of MBAM. This is mainly because I'v
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