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  1. Ok thank you very much for your time, your explanations and for your help. I'll still try to call ACER for them to accept to take back my computer...
  2. Yes I did it last time and I checked again earlier that it was still like that.
  3. I installed it the day MBAM bugued and it was the "total security 2018". I run a rootkit scan with MBAR and "no malware found".
  4. And if it's a hardware issue, why the previous test made by the seller don't show something ?
  5. Yes, I runned it twice. No I haven't this file. Here a screenshot of all the file in C:\Windows
  6. Oh no I would be to scared to kill my computer
  7. OK but I need my computer to study :/ Can I use it or do I have to shut down it ?
  8. And I see some files who belong to BitDefender while I made the uninstall. Can I delete them ?
  9. Hi, I just hade a kernel power error so I give you the .dmp 022118-13390-01.dmp
  10. Ok I make what you've said and come back when I have another ".dmp". Thanks a lot
  11. I find two other ".dmp" in C:\Windows\LiveKernelReports : https://we.tl/TR8k3Er3hI
  12. I don't find any file named memory.dmp :/
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