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  1. I feel as if ShellEx is not needed. Are there any particular extensions which I should disable?
  2. The chkdsk scan runs by itself most times when I reboot my PC. I have no XP CD or whatever is needed to reinstall or do a repair install. Where can I get these softwares?
  3. As of now, I have 164MB of free space in my C drive.
  4. You forgot one thing; I mentioned in the first post that I cannot right click on any file/folder. When I do, the error report window comes up. The first quarter of that page displayed about 90-100 errors, and several warnings. I took a visit to MS update's site, and I had downloaded and installed about 1.3GB of updates. When the updates finished downloading, I had to shutdown my PC in order for them to be installed. However, there were about 20 updates left to be installed, and I suddenly had a power cut. From then onwards, I've had the errors that I've mentioned in the first post. Thanks again for your reply.
  5. Ok I've tried CCleaner, and got rid of about 129MB of god knows what. Then I ran the registry cleaner and cleaned about 730 entries. I rebooted the PC, and nothing new happened, except I now have 173MB of free space in my C drive. Still get the Microsoft error windows telling me to 'Send/Don't send'. What else can I do to avoid this?
  6. I'm running on Windows XP. I'm not running under a user account or anything, just administrator. Everything was fine until about 2-3 weeks ago, when I tried installing MS updates. I've ran two registry cleaners, but I'll also try CCleaner. Thanks for your reply.
  7. AdvancedSetup told me that I should post here. First off, my PC was like any other PC. About 2 or 3 weeks ago, the MS Automatic Updates program had downloaded some updates. Since then, my C drive always has below 100MB free space. Whenever I try to delete something, a Microsoft error windows comes and I have to click 'Send' or 'Don't send', then everything disappears including the taskbar, then everything comes back up after 10 seconds, but everything that was open, closes. The exact same thing happens when I right-click on any file or folder. So I wanted to free up some space so I could use System Restore, so I went into Control Panel->Add or remove programs to try and uninstall programs with hefty memory. There should be a 'Remove' or 'Change/Remove' button under each program installed, but that isn't the case for me. I can see no buttons whatsoever. I've installed Anti-Malwarebytes, and had a total of 8 infected files, and deleted them. I've also tried many other programs to get rid of harmful software, even registry cleaners. Nothing seemed to do the job. That's about it. Any form of help is much appreciated. TIA.
  8. I use Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware just because of FileASSASSIN. Whenever I try to delete a file manually, my PC crashes, so FileASSASSIN was kind of like a savior. Two updates I would like are: - Deletion of folders (alongside otis) - Deletion of multiple files at once. AdvancedSetup, I didn't understand diddly squat from what you just wrote. If anyone can recommend something similar to FileASSASSIN, with the addition features I stated, I'd much appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
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