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  1. Holy freakin' gods! Heart attack city: I was in the midst of posting on facebook this afternoon about, of all things, Russian hacking of the election -- and suddenly mbam goes berserk with alerts about malware connections from firefox. Well over 100 of them, many of them looking like legit sites (google ads) but many domains I'd never heard of. Srsly, I'm posting about Russian hacking and what, they're hacking my PC as I type?!? Sheeeee-it! I did restart firefox and check mbam for an update, which there just happened to be one, and that stopped the flood of alerts. Whew, glad to see it wasn't just me. Really bad timing to have a freak out, mbam guys! :) However, it did point out a feature that would be useful: Ability to view and especially export ALL event reports at once. Trying to look through each individually is super tedious. Thx.
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