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  1. Thank you so much. I'm going to give it a couple days to just make sure before I clean it--I'll post then and let you know how I make out.
  2. Hi Kevin, Thanks. Here are the logs. So far so good on "symptoms". The screen refreshes have stopped and photo thumbnails are showing in windows explorer. mrt.log AdwCleaner[C0].txt
  3. Hi, I proceeded with the instructions and Malwarebytes says it successfully removed three unwanted programs. I'll monitor the computer over the next few days. Malwarebytes summary.txt
  4. Hi Devin! After following these instructions I was able to successfully install Malwarebytes! Thank you! However I did notice it said it was unable to fix all corrupted files so I have attached the logs. I assume now I should proceed with Kevin's instructions from earlier:
  5. Hi Kevin, I set up clean boot mode as per the instructions (hopefully correctly) and restarted my computer. Installed malwarebytes and hit the same old error 'ucrtbase.dll' Here are my logs... Addition.txt mb-clean-results.txt FRST.txt
  6. Hi Kevin, I tried everything on the list except the master.conf file which I couldn't open. Every install of malwarebytes had the same problem. They would not open or work once installed. Here are new logs. Fingers crossed you can recommend something else to try next. Addition.txt mb-clean-results.txt FRST.txt
  7. Hi Kevin, The first attempt did nothing but the second attempt installed malwarebytes, but when I went to open it to update it and use it from the desktop shortcut it created it would not work. The dialog box came up "do you want to allow it to make changes to your system" and I clicked yes, then nothing else happened. I tried subsequent files but in the command prompt box some stuff would come up about "killing malicious processes" and then eventually nothing would happen. So I cleaned the install and tried again with another file from chameleon but it just did the same thing as the first file. Seemed like a good install but I can't get it to run. Should I just keep cleaning each botched install and trying another? I've attached new clean log & FRST scan logs FRST.txt Addition.txt mb-clean-results.txt
  8. Hi Kevin, The malwarebytes clean tool seemed to work. I have attached the log. I rebooted and received the prompt to install malwarebytes. I clicked to install. It worked for a while and then produced the same sort of error again and did not successfully install: "Runtime Error (at 340:2482) Access violation at address 7434F6DB in module 'ucrtbase.dll;. Read of adress 00000000" mb-clean-results.txt
  9. Hey Kevin! Great, that appears to have worked. See attached. Should I re-do the malwarebytes clean up and see if it works now? Fixlog.txt
  10. Hmm. Got the folder, extracted it. When I try and move it, it tells me System32 already contains that file. When I click replace it says I need administrator privileges and when I click continue it says I don't have permission to install.
  11. Oh sorry. That was from an aborted search. I did search the registry--I just sent you the wrong file. My bad. SearchReg.txt
  12. I never even got to use the key because malwarebytes wouldn't install the initial time. I used the download link from our purchase but I guess it was the free version since no key was ever entered? The registry search didn't seem to turn up anything... Search.txt
  13. Hi Kevin, Thanks. I completed the first step, but upon reboot there was no prompt to install malwarebytes. Here is the log from the cleaner and I have not tried to reinstall malwarebytes since the prompt didn't happen. mb-clean-results.txt
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