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  1. I have scanned the external drive and nothing has been found so i suppose i'm ok. I know that sometimes i can be a little bit paranoid but I'm really grateful for your patience and competence shown in assisting me. I apologize if at any moment i have been a little bit tedious and thanks for all and good luck for everything.
  2. oh, it's ok, thank you for your suggestion. Good to know, this was the most pressing concern about this situation. As you suggest, i will at least change some of the most critical passwords. I will learn how to backup properly. Thanks again for show me some solutions. Yes, i have seen how it works and i will absolutely consider the premium version. Seems legit for me. I will take this advice and i will try to learn more. Just one last thing: I would like to start my new "computer life" as clean as possible so, how do i correctly inspect my external drive fo
  3. well, quoting myself from the first post of the topic - Question 1) is just curiosity and actually knowing the answer of this one could indirectly resolve my concerns about question 2) and 3) - Questions 2) and 3) are mainly focus on understand if i should be worried of my credentials (like e-mail, bank account or others) and of my files stored in my external drive. For credendials, if you say me that is needed (considering the threats that i had), i could change the passwords, but for my external drive i don't know how to properly confirm the safety.
  4. Ok this time i got nothing (no alert or errors). After the fix routine the pc has been restarted as established by FRST. Fixlog.txt
  5. ok, thanks for the clarification ok, i will follow the tips This is the fixlog.txt made by FRST. Just to let you know after the end of the process the SO warned me with and error window that said that FRST has stopped warning. I don't know if FRST has done all what it should but the fixlog.txt was created in the right place as you said. i post this one and let me know if i need to rerun the fix routine with FRST. Fixlog.txt
  6. Step 03 (2) I consulted malwarebytes support where is said that the alert from Windows Defender is normal, but still i don't understand why the Virus Total Report indicate threats. Here the files from the Step 03 needed FRST.txt Addition.txt
  7. Step 01 Malwarebytes Malwarebytes_scan_report.txt Step 02 AdwCleaner AdwCleaner_log_post_reboot.txt Step 03 i dowloaded Farbar Recovery Scan Tool but Windows Defender blocked it saying that is not trusted. Then i tried to scan the .exe of the tool and VirusTotal says that is infected (VirusTotal Report) Is the download broken/compromised?
  8. Hi, i don't know if this is the right place to ask for my problem/concern, but if is not feel free to move to the right section (and sorry for the mistake). So, few days ago i found on my pc an old software unused by me for at least 3 years (between the last usage and now i upgraded win 7 to win 10. i don't know if this can help or can be a problem in the diagnosis). Just for curiosity and to be sure i used virus total scanner on the .exe file of that software and the results revealed for 3 of 67 analysis scanners that there was a Riskware (0040eff71). My reaction to this was to down
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