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  1. I guess I assumed we would get updated versions automatically or be advised that we needed to update when we would go through a renewal with malware bytes. If I uninstall the old version and go to your link to install the new one will I need to Re enter the ID and key information?
  2. I have tried to run the Malwarebytes Support Tool. It does not work. It never moves beyond "Saving Files". And this includes waiting 30 minutes for it to move on. Then my PC is locked up and must be re-booted.
  3. Downloading the latest version took care of the issue. Thanks
  4. I am having the same issue with web blocking turning off and I cannot make it stay on. Running Windows 10. Malware = 3.312.2183. Component = 1.02.262 . My update is 1.0.3881. Should I also download the latest installer? Thank You
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