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  1. I have had Malwarebytes on my phone (A Lenovo Moto Z Play) for a few weeks now and haven't had any issues but while using the podkicker app something looking like the app's scanner and saying Malware bytes on it came up saying that it was checking for Ransomware and had a close button on the bottom which looked a little bit off so I tried going back or opening the launcher and it wouldn't let me do either. At most it would flicker for a fraction of a second and I could see podkicker but then would come back. I had to do a hard reset of the phone to get out of it. When it started up again a grey icon with a similar M to MalwareByte's but in light grey and titled "Anti-Ransomware" popped up on my main screen but when I opened up the launcher it wasn't listed there. I should have done a screen capture but I was just about to go to sleep and when I selected on it it just gave me the option to remove the icon, and I did it without thinking. I did notice there was no uninstall option when I did this. So either A) This is a legitimate part of Malware Bytes and it's not functioning properly which if that's the case is likely going to cause some other people to get worried since they didn't install that app and it popped up out of nowhere and couldn't be closed. or B) It's malware. I uninstalled Malware Bytes and reinstalled it, updated and ran a scan and it found nothing. Oh and it's on Verizon, running Android 7.1.1 and the phone isn't rooted
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