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  1. In addition to following your recomendations, yesteday I changed my YahooMail password. Today, a friend informed me that on June 11 he received spam from my email account.
  2. This morning I returned to Chrome, re-activated sinchronization, and repeated all the steps specified by the Belgian girl. I have attached the Summary from the lastest MWB scan. Do you think the "about.blank" was the result of a PUP? I want to save all the instructions you gave me. Do you think Firefox is a better choise than Chrome? I have not used Firefox because I need a program like GoogleTranslator, and also I don''t know how to move LastPass to Firefox. I greatly appreciate your help during the past three days. You are a valuable resource!!! Export Summary3.txt
  3. Chrome cleanup is unfinished. I arrived at Step5 and spent an hour trying to find the prompt to sign out of Chrome. I never found it. I am quitting until tomorrow. I am sending the export summary after I deleted the file you suggested. Export Summary2.txt
  4. You indicated that I remove 3 App Explorer Programs. I found only one. I disintalled it. I will do the cleanup a little later.
  5. Here are the files requested. Farbar results indicate that Edge is my default browser; however, I always use Google Chrome. FRST.txt Addition.txt 1189289722_ExportSummary.txt
  6. Windows Defender is interfering with the download of the Farbar Recovery Tool.
  7. Timeline: Friday 14:00-21:00 -Every email I opened on YahooMail was replaced within about 5 seconds by a blank page. "about:blank" appeared in the address bar. When I deleted the "about:blank," the email I had been reading reappeared, but only for about 5 seconds. It was always replaced by "about:blank." The "about:blank" slowly self-replicated, filling up the address bar . Around 21:00 - In desperation, I decided to seek the help of Malwarebytes. To enter the Forum, I had to reset my password twice. After the first reset, my password still was not recognized. Each time I reset my password, I had to go to YahooMail to clic on the link. I did not realize that I was able to do this without the previous interruption from "about:blank." The email from Malwarebytes remained open with no interference from "about:blank" Although I did not realize it, the problem was resolved. Blind to the resolution of the problem and happy to have a response from MWB, I followed the instructions and did a scan and restart. This morning, Saturday, everything is working fine. I do not understand what happened to my computer, but I am very happy to have it working well again. Thank you for trying to help me. I will follow Step 3 now and send results.
  8. This afternoon I did a scan which showed no threats. I also re-started the computer several times. The "about:blank" problem continued.
  9. Export Summary.txtExport Summary.txt
  10. Did you receive the Export Summary? I received a message indicating that an error ocurred in the transmission. I am ready to began Step 3, now. I had to reset MWB password twice b/c it was not recognized. Both times I had to go to yahoo mail to follow the instructions for the reset. Neither time did the email disappear. Neither time did a blank page appear nor did "about:blank" begin self-replicating in the addrress bar. Just now, I returned to yahoo mail and read two emails and nothing bad happened. I have had the"about:blank" problem since14:00 this afternoon. I think I will continue with Step 3 anyway.
  11. When I try to read my Yahoo Mail, after 5 seconds the page disappears and is replaced by a blank page. Address bar reads "about:blank." If I do nothing but observe, after 30 minutes there are 20 tabs open, all of them "about:blank."
  12. Nikhils, thank you for trying to help. By the time I received your post, I had already reactivated real time protection by reinstalling the program. I followed the instructions from an old post (I think it was dated Jan 2017). Anyway, around March 14, 2017, MWB sent me an updated program which I downloaded ( I hope this updated program solves the issue permanently. Thank you once again. I feel reassured, knowing that people like you are willing to help! Frank Brammer
  13. 2249538 I am attaching the logs. mb-check-results.zip
  14. Yes, RealTime Protection is working. I am sorry about the logs. Thanks for you help.
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