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  1. This is a C# program that I write. Development happens on a machine with limited network access and no software but a very specific development profile. MalwareBytes flagged the file right after it was compiled by the compiler. When I recompile with the code-signing certificate, the false positive goes away, but this happens at the last step obviously -- not during testing or debugging. This software has close to 50,000 active academic users. It's been in development for over 19 years as part of a larger project, marcedit (http://marcedit.reeset.net), a suite of library metadata tools. I sign all my code in current versions, but not past versions [I'm a researcher -- I started the practice because Windows 10 is getting more picky]. I'd appreciate this being corrected. --tr false_positive.txt me_tabbed.zip
  2. Three days ago, I installed a mac update and after restarting -- it wouldn't boot. Essentially, it bricked the machine. This is a 2015 imac. I ended up erasing and reinstalling. After getting everything setup again, I put Malwarebytes back on. As soon as I rebooted, it bricked (and by bricked, I mean, I freezed on the boot screen...if I restart again, it gets to 100 percent, and then just shuts off). I'm not sure what happened or how I can get you information that would be helpful, but after erasing and reinstalling again -- I've not reinstalled malwarebytes and everything is working fine. I don't know what was in the last update, but something with the the software caused an issue on my end. --tr
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