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  1. Hi Was looking at Malwarebytes for Mac for some home Macs, after experiencing McAfee's appalling customer service (having issues with McAfee detecting infection on an external drive, but not cleaning/quarantining) yet it seems that Malwarebytes cannot scan an external HD. Why not, what's the reasoning for that? I read an earlier forum where it was referred to as a 'feel good function'...seems like a basic, sensible function to me. Secondly, can anyone recommend a product that does scan and clean an attached external HD? Thanks.
  2. Hi, wondering if anyone has run into this issue; when I was using the full version trial, my machine slowed to a crawl when launching applications, or doing anything memory intensive; is this an issue with MalwareBytes on older machines (MBP mid 2009 running El Capitan; and please don't tell me to "get a newer machine" or "upgrade the OS" as 10.11.xx is the most stable update for my Mac.)
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