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  1. Hi Rui, Sorry it took so long, I have had a busy weekend. The computer hasn't crashed since I used mb clean and manually removed any remnants of Mbam, it hasn't died on games like Minecraft so that's progress I guess Here are the files from the frst scan. frst4.txt frstadd4.txt
  2. I have been able to make a malwarebytes threat scan with version 2.2 I must note that Mb clean did not remove all of Malwarebytes in my computer, certain files were still there. Once I removed those, I was able to download and use chameleon from my computer which I was unable to do before. It made a scan and the file is attached below. hhhh.txt
  3. Hi Rui, It did not find any Malware.. File attached. mbar-log-2018-02-15 (02-38-54).txt
  4. Hi Rui, I did everything you instructed here and it still wouldn't launch, not even in Safe Mode. The Chameleon option also isn't present anywhere in any of the Malwarebytes files. Before it was present in "C:\Program files (x86)\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware" but now there is literally only a Macedonian language package there. I must note that, while MBcleaner removes all of Malwarebytes, Malwarebytes Service is still running in Service Manager which I can only stop while in Safe Mode.
  5. Hi Rui, This time I was able to remove all detections in Roguekiller that are listed here. I removed Easy Driver as well and am currently busy trying to update my drivers safely. I downloaded MB cleaner and it removed Mbam and rebooted my computer, I did not get a message to re-download Mbam so I downloaded it from here. However it still did not work. The file is attached below. I must add that I couldn't find all of the executables you listed to add to the Norton list of exceptions in anti-virus. These two I couldn't find; C:\Program Files (x86)\Malwarebytes Anti-Malw
  6. Hi Rui, Thank you for helping me. I have run FRST with the fix txt and the file is attached. I then ran Roguekiller again, all in Admin, but couldn't find all the detections you listed in your reply. I removed the ones I did find and left the rest. I downloaded ADWcleaner and it ran succesfully with the file attached below. But I still could not open Malwarebytes and I have to say that there is no Malwarebytes Chameleon in my C:\Program files, only in C:\Program files (x86) and it doesn't work there. The way this website describes getting into Chameleon and how it is in my C: drive d
  7. Hello, For several weeks now I have been attempting to clean my pc. I have already posted in the BSOD's subforum to combat all the crashes in my computer and although I have already solved a number of them, the largest threat is now malware of which I am pretty sure has infected my computer. For instance Malwarebytes won't run, not in safe mode, not in admin nor in admin and safe mode. Malwarebytes Chameleon will only run when directly downloaded from this website but it is only version 2.2 and as I attempt to install the latest version, it becomes inoperable. It simply won't start.
  8. Also, I've been trying to run Windows Update as it shows that, even though it automatically updates every week, there are 69 optional updates which have failed to be installed since november 2016. Now it simply won't download and install the updates.
  9. Alright I have shored up space in my C drive to almost 20% free space. I also removed RivaTuner, Eusing registry cleaner and MSI Afterburner and any other registry cleaners that were still clinging on somewhere. However when I attempt to download a BIOS update from Acer's own website https://www.acer.com/ac/nl/NL/content/support-product/3445?b=1 Norton Security tells me they removed the file as it contained a Trojan.Gen.8!Cloud virus. I don't overclock my system by the way. For the malware problem I will post in the given link.
  10. Hi thank you, this time I was able to use sysnative bsod collection app, had to turn off my norton security. The zip file is attached below. When I try to run perfmon in cmd (admin) it says after a few seconds that "the data collector set or one of its dependencies is already in use." I ran it succesfully after a clean boot and the file is also attached below. PS: in Service Manager I see MBAMservice is running but I can't stop the service and MBAM still doesn't start up. I also booted with BitDefender on a formatted USB drive last night and it was able to find and rem
  11. UPDATE: I have been able to download Malwarebytes Chameleon from this website as it would not work from my desktop. Cmd says that it doesn't detect any malwarebytes software installed while it clearly should be. It then installs version 2 of malwarebytes and I'm able to scan, detect and quarantine 32 different threats, which I can't post here for some reason. If I then restart my pc and run MBAM it asks me to update to version 3.3, which I do but then it won't run as before.
  12. Hi all, In the past weeks I have had a surplus of different BSOD's. 0x00000024 - ntfs.sys 0x00000001 - tcp1p.sys (2 times) 0x0000003B - Ironx64.sys 0x0000007E - at1kmdag.sys 0x0000007F I am unable to run malwarebytes, neither as an admin nor in safe mode nor from the file itself. When I change the name of the executable file it immediately says that MBAM stopped working. I removed it just now and the file mbshlext.dll remains. I am unable to open sysnative bsod collection app even if I disable my Norton security. I have been able to scan with F
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