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  1. https://youtu(.)be/r4vRD6CbxhY https://youtu(.)be/QMEVxefvo-8 https://youtu(.)be/7Wf6R4zCp5k https://youtu(.)be/VXPoJAyeF8k https://youtu(.)be/9Y2klWzu9Z8 https://youtu(.)be/3YxaaGgTQYM https://youtu(.)be/nYh-n7EOtMA https://youtu(.)be/c6rP-YP4c5I https://youtu(.)be/utRfdyBEzYc https://youtu(.)be/6-2jNiVK86A Remove dot please.
  2. I don't know how it's gone wrong but yesterday one of my friend inserted his USB in my PC and i accidentally clicked on an exe file and everything went terrible. Now, whenever i copy anything, hell lot of executable files are getting created itself and also, copied to the targeted device. Can anyone from here help?
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