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  1. @jweiss Yes that's what I figured, that Malwarebytes was returing false positives on these analytics tools. Especially considering that every time I click on a link to anything in Chrome, it blocks googletagmanager and optimizely, which are both Chrome tools. Lol
  2. @Krusty Yes the same thing has been happening to me today. I whitelisted the Norton folder, but now google files seem to be getting affected too. If need be I can also run the support tool. -Darwyn
  3. Hello. Just thought I would update this thread to let you know that it was able to successfully complete the scan again, so I believe that this issue has been resolved. Thank you.
  4. I guess I will see if it will be able to complete a scan next week then (I will be out of town). If it does that again I will let you know.
  5. Hello, sorry it's been a day. I didn't get to look at this again until today. I followed your suggestion to reinstall Malwarebytes, and when it did the scan again it went off without a hitch! It didn't stall or anything and completed the scan. I guess reinstalling Malwarebytes was all that was necessary. Do you still need me to try running the support tool? If so I can try doing that again but it seems that it can scan again.
  6. Looking more at the problem, on the title page it says that it's currently updating, but not scanning, and lists the last scan as being nine days ago. However, the scan page says that a scan is in progress. Is it possible that the issue is related to this? If so, what can I do to fix it?
  7. Currently I am trying to run the support tool as suggested in the automated reply, however I keep getting the response that it is blocked by group policy preventing me from being able to run it. I am not sure how to fix this.
  8. Hello, For the last week or so, my computer has been quite slow, mainly while using chrome. Websites, especially youtube and PDFs would take a longer time than usual to load up. I tried to figure out why but couldn't find an explanation until today. I turned on Malwarebytes to try to run a scan to see if it was malware that was causing it, only to find out it was already scanning, for the last 9 days! Since I know that my computer is often slower when it does its automatic scans, this is likely to reason why it has been slow. I decided to have it cancel the scan (currently, it was on a file in the "Scan Memory" stage), only now it's taking forever to try to stop scanning. I have no idea why it's behaving this way, I have had malwarebytes premium for the last couple of years and this has never happened before. Any fix will be appreciated. -Darwyn
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