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  1. Ive sent in the logs about six times so far and to be honest have heard nothing back except some moron sent me an email telling me to turn on early protect when if he had read the log he would have seen that it is already on. Want the latest logs? see attached. This is with the version; component 1.0.365; and update 1.0.5106 It is really getting to be a drag having to reboot my computer twice every time I want to use it. But you did rebill one of my three licenses a few days ago, you don't miss that! Addition.txt FRST.txt mb-check-results.zip
  2. Updating to newest version doesn't fix the problem. MWB still disables web protection and malware protection about 1 out of three reboots. Sometime it lets you turn them on and sometimes it requires a reboot which may or may not turn them on. MWB is good at taking money for renewals but lousy at fixing this ongoing problem! How many months has it been??? and it is still broken!
  3. Attached are two sets of your capture files, one with the web protection turned off at boot and then the following good boot where it is turned on. I hope this issue finally gets resolved. The need to reboot my computer to get virus protection to be on is very disquieting . Has anyone thought about a memory over write that causes many different cures for this common problem? When I used to code for a living that was the most insidious problem we had. Always caused random bugs. m saine goodboot_mb-check-results.zip Fail_mb-check-results.zip Goodboot_Addition.txt goodboot_FRST.txt Fail_Addition.txt Fail_FRST.txt
  4. This has been going on for far to long. It's always: it will be fixed in next release! Well many releases later it still occurs 1 out of three boot ups. When are you REALLY going to fix it? As of release it still happens as I said 1 out of three startups. My work around has been to reboot computer, hardly ever happens twice in a row. Tired of catching log files and sending them in. Please resolve this permanently!
  5. As of today this still occurs. The only improvements I have seen is you can now turn it back on where before you couldn't. The question is WHY DOES IT KEEP TURNING ITSELF OFF in the first place. I am just about to the point that I cancel all my subscriptions to Malware bytes as it is not reliable. I am running the most recent version (if your update process is working). It is not a very secure feeling knowing that it is a crap shoot as to whether it is on or off. mbst-grab-results.zip
  6. Are you a politician? What kind of answer is that I thought there was a conflict running two "anti-virus" programs. I am already concerned that Malwarebytes doesn't start for a couple of minutes after I start up my computer, At least the icon doesn't appear for about two minutes. When is this "new release" mentioned above coming out?
  7. Found MSE, It is turned off, I thought that Malwarebytes replaced it. Should I be running both?
  8. To be honest I never saw the above responses until I posted today's request for a follow up. What is MSE?
  9. I sent the requested files has there been any resolution yet? Attached are the files again mb-check-results.zip
  10. Can't tell if files were added or not so I will try again mb-check-results.zip
  11. Why does MWB3 randomly turn off web protection? Seems to happen a lot more lately.
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