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  1. In regards to fake mDNS this malware creates duplicates. So you will have two mDNS or two Chrome and switches around. On the second mDNS is where I found the IP I listed. Hope it helps.
  2. Sure I believe they are being used to possibly transmit data to and from a host. Or are being manipulated by other networks. Im not exactly sure what we are dealing with.
  3. private photos and messages they hack into.
  4. I located this ip connected. To the mDNSresponder on a MacBook Pro, associated with hundreds of complaints. One person said they hacked and changed his Facebook account password. If they can see that. Imagine all the private photos and messages they hack into.
  5. Careful. On Mac. They are hacking rampantly whoever they are. And perhaps trolling blogs. They are in mdnsresponder and raccoon. Logging information, sites you go to etc. Perhaps more. Many people have expressed concern online but nobody seems to have an answer. They use Apple credentials to hack ports. They might even be getting into the terminal command for some. Whoever they are. They are pros. Little snitch/wireshark will scratch the surface.
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