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  1. Your approach is yielding results for me. Thank you for finding this.
  2. The problem I'm having is that we've deleted the contents of the log directory (C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\Logs) to the point where those directories stay empty, aside from new ones formed every day, and we're still getting log files dated 1/31/18 from the machines with empty log directories. We've truncated the database as per the direction, and the console will show 0 detections. We turn back on the firewall rule blocking port 18457, and the floodgates open, with traffic from empty-direcotyr machines streaming in madly. Nothing we've tried seems like more than a stopgap. Service ticket I have open is 00058186. This is getting old.
  3. Seconding the issue. I have a ticket open too and have not heard back anything. Ticket is 00051816. Whoever gets the fix first, please post it. I am familiar with truncating the database to get out the oldest logs by date, but my request is to purge a date range (1/27-1/29) but keep all of the good data before and after.
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