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  1. Windows 10 update leaves a problem report file for Malwarebyte developers, before the user log in screen there is a pop up that tells me there is a problem with Malwarebytes and the following file should be sent to the developers. Last update Malwarebytes disappeared from my start menu and running mb3-set up file caused it to reappear and its working again (it wasnt starting). Everything seems to be running at the moment just the windows issue report. Anyway an update happened today and the message reappeared and a new dmp file was created - its attached dated 11th April (as is the previous report dump from 9th April 2018) so have at it Malwarebytes! BitDefender Threat Scanner.dmp BitDefender Threat Scanner.dmp
  2. Sorry I dont have an data to show you but the issue started when I booted up and I used task Manager (and very much later when it eventually managed to start) MS process explorer to confirm it was 100% disk usage and 100% RAM in both tools...the machine was effectively frozen and response to keys or starting apps (or to ctrl-alt-del) was about 5 or 10 minutes. Eventually went for a hard stop. My machine was running like this for about 20-30 minutes while I tried to work out what was happening but eventually, refresh rates on the monitoring apps was extemely poor, panic set in and I just decided to stop the machine. If you can tell me where to look for appropriate logs I'll have a look and see if they are still there As with Davidtoo I started experiencing issues (different ones concerned with losing access to win10 start menu and Notification and mail etc) and had to go to safe mode for a while to run some rudimentary AV and disk checks from powershell in admin. My research for a solution didnt focus on MBAM at all as I wasnt aware it was at the root of the issue - I tried running all the standard checks and got results that said I had disk corruption and CHKDSK just would not repair past 11%, and then I found on the MS site a comment that helped sort out my issues with accessing Win10 start and Action centre by editing a registry value "\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\WpnUserService" Start from 2 to 4 Once there I started finding other elements damaged and personalisation data corrupted, so much so that I started trying to clear what appeared to be damaged personal files because I thought they could have been compromised during the event. Anyway also like Davidtoo I have since found that I lost the Edge history (hence I cant link you to the page that gave me the regedit solution) and I've also found that all my regular system restore points taken before Saturday have been wiped or lost. As a post script the aftermath seems to be rumbling on as various previously stable programs such as Libre Office and browsers are now crashing every day, I've run checks on the drive and since Windows auto recovery decided to kick in it says it is OK physically but I think I am going to have to reinstall windows because there must be other issues causing the instability unless it really is the hardware. Its a pain as I have to go dig my old machine out and check I have laplink backed up, then go through the getting the machine back the way I like it and pray nothing is missing. I dont have the experience or background to get much further than I have but I believe my dell is still covered by call out warranty so that may be a last resort if a reinstalll doesnt sort it out.
  3. I'm not litigious by nature Davidtoo but this has just about cost me my PC... my machine is less than a year old and I apparently have the option of reinstalling a fresh Win10 and that will solve the problem but then leave me with the issue of a years worth of personalisation and personal data to reinstall/reaccess. When I saw 100% of 16Gb RAM and 100% of disc access being used my first thought was that my drive was being ransomed by being encrypted... but to find out that it was Malwarebytes 3 days after the event is unpardonable. I'm desperate enough for help that I've asked microsoft as trying to locate and fix stuff in Win10 is like looking under the bonnet of a modern car.... needs a big sign "there are no user servicable parts inside". In this instance I think more than an apology is owed by the company. I feel your pain. if this has been 6 months ago when I was running my own business it would have been catastrophic (and yes I do back ups but not every day and last time something this bad happened I went back to a previous system restore point it then led to corrupt versions of programs that had since been updated and 3 - now 4 - days trying to put right what I didnt know MBAM had done its a long period and updates have been done).
  4. The fallout from this problem virtually bricked my pc. It triggered a corruption in Windows registry that left me stuggling to get a working computer for 3 days. It caused entries that referenced all my Windows apps to be corrupted leaving Win10 bootable but non-funvtional, no start menu, no mail, no edge, no spotify, no control panel access to recovery, I couldnt do backups as the corruption prevented it, I couldnt run DOS utilities as they just got to 11% repair and then got no further for up to 6 hours, safe mode couldnt resolve the corruption... 3 days and its still causing problems. My Action centre has lost all its settings so no notifications comong up and as far as I can tell no way to reinstate the old action centre notifications with trying to uninstall/reinstall apps. Malwarebytes itself has lost its exclusions list. I've lost tranches of emails (not available on my server and I had not included them in my back ups), personal sign in data in apps gone. Trying to delete files wouldnt work as the file or folder was corrupt and slowly the whole registry died... eventually when the recycle bin wouldnt empty (corrupted data) it triggered some form of automated windows self repair which seemed to fix the OS. It was only this morning (Wednesday 31) when Malware bytes started blocking all web access becasue it couldnt access the blocked site server and caused yet another reboot/repair sequence that I found your note about Saturdays disaster. Im not a business customer but your error has cost me days of headaches and trying to apply fixes and I am still left with less than 1 year old installation that is only half working and I'm just waiting for the next unresolved problem to become apparent. Ive used malwarebytes for a long time but only recently become a premium customer and now I am far from a happy Customer
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