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  1. (I might've un-checked the box you suggested before zipping the files; can't recall... it's been one of those days...)
  2. My most recent posting yielded no replies, so I reposted with MBAE in the title this time. This version still does not address the issue I'm experiencing. I've just completed installing all Windows Updates for April Patch Tuesday, and re-installed MBAE I tested it out by opening msWord2010, clicked on "Insert" in the ribbon at the top of Word, navigated to "Documents" in the far left pane of Windows Explorer, and as soon as I did, the same popup appeared; it also terminated Word.
  3. I installed MBAE and I'm still having false alarms with msWord2010. It happens when I attempt to insert a picture into a blank msWord2010 document. As soon as I click on "Documents" in the left pane (see attachment), the false alarm box pops up and terminates Word. Please fix; thanks. Environment: Windows 7 SP 1, all windows updates applied.
  4. I'm having almost the same issue, except every time I want to insert a picture from my PC into a blank Word document, MBAE triggers a false alarm and shuts down Word. Windows 7 SP1 all updates applied. The false alarm appeared with I uninstalled it and installed your latest beta; same false alarm.
  5. Arthi, thanks for the instructions; I didn't realize it was that simple to zip a file. After installing the latest Windows 7 updates yesterday Feb 13, 2018, and then receiving your reply, I decided to try calling one of my cellphones from my Google Voice app within Gmail. After about 63 seconds, the call was still connected, which surprised me, as all calls prior to the Windows Updates always dropped at 20secs, so apparently, something in the Windows Updates inadvertently fixed the issue. If you still want to see the zipped files, let me know; otherwise, the problem appears to be fixed.
  6. Hi, I made copies of the MBAE Program Data and MBAE Program Files folders and placed them on my desktop and then downloaded and installed ZIP shareware (I only wanted it for this one time, so I wasn't going to buy it) and tried for the longest to figure out how to use the ZIP GUI to create a ZIP archive and ZIP the requested MBAE Program Data Files and the MBAE Program Files to attach here, but was unsuccessful in figuring out how to use the software even with the assistance of the included help files. I'm giving up on trying to zip the files and attach here. I've uninstalled the zip software.
  7. I've always loved MBAE with never a problem, but after recently applying the intel security patch, something isn't allowing Google Voice calls within Gmail to remain connected; they drop after about 20secs - all calls. I tried using IE11 and Firefox with no difference. I also tried using 2 other computers belonging to a friend with the same results. My computer and my friend's computers all use the latest MBAE beta and have always worked fine. After applying the intel security patch recently, calls are now dropped regardless of which browser is used. As an experiment, I tried turning off MBAE
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