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  1. I followed these instructions: How to use it? Download the latest version of MB-Check by clicking the link above Double-click and run mb-check.exe A command window will appear stating "running mb-check" followed by "running mb-grab" Upon completion, a prompt will appear letting you know it's done and the "mb-check-results.zip" file will be on your desktop Attach the "mb-check-results.zip" file to your support case and/or your forums thread for further assistance And attached the zip file. Am I also supposed to reboot? I know your instructions above say I will get a prompt to restart/restart, but this didn't happen so I attached the zip file thinking there might have been an issue with installing the tool.. I appreciate your patience in working with me.
  2. after running the tool I got a message saying to attach the zip file to my support ticket. Note that I did disable the MB processes and stopped the services, as mentioned in my original post. mb-check-results.zip
  3. Thanks for responding but ss my original post stated - I AM logged in as administrator so I don't know why it won't let me change permissions or why I am getting the access denied error. I am still trying to get the mb clean tool to work but I think this might be too complicated for someone like me who is not a developer or extremely technical.
  4. Hello - I installed malwarebytes a few weeks ago and the trial is expiring. Now I need to uninstall this application but keep receiving the following error "Unable to create a temporary file. Set up aborted. Error 5: access is denied". I am not the most technical person but here is what I tried: 1. Using the uninstall malwarebytes option from windows 10 menu resulted in the same error 2. Trying to uninstall from add/remove programs resulted in the same error 3. closing MB processes from task manager and stopping mbam services results in the same error 4. windows/program files/malwarebytes main folded is restricted to read only. I have admin privileges but am still unable to apply changes to the main/sub folders Is there a complete resolution to uninstalling malwarebytes that does not include manually removing files and changing registry settings? I have already spent too much time trying to get this "free" version uninstalled to no avail.
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