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  1. Thanks Ron. I appreciate your helping with this. I think I will take advantage of the reinstall to do some upgrading so some silver lining after all.
  2. Hi Ron, We unistalled Bitdefender when we began and I already had uninstalled Malwarebytes on 1/27 right after the update and before I started this thread. I followed the instructions (stopping and start Volume shadow copy, stopping and restarting protection, reset repository, etc) but still get the same error (42308). I think at this point, I will just do a system reinstall unless you have some additional ideas you think we should try first. I sure appreciate you help with this. Gary
  3. Hi Ron, I tried the various suggestions in the article. I keep getting an error "specified object not found, error 0x80042308" whether it's normal or clean boot conditions. In safe mode I don't even have the option of doing a system restore in the system properties window. The system protection tab simply isn't available. Weird... Thanks for your help. Gary
  4. Hi Ron, Well, that was interesting. The network and sharing center says the computer now has internet access, but nothing can seem to connect. This is the original condition when I first started the thread. The fixlog is attached. Fixlog.txt
  5. The latest. I had to do a capture this time - couldn't seem to get it to copy/paste.
  6. Here you go. Thanks! netstat results 2-13-18.txt SFC results 2-13-18.txt
  7. Hi Ron, Done. No change on restart. The machine can connect in LAN (could even play Minecraft with the grandkids), just won't go past the router. Disabling Firewall and Defender (via services) didn't seem to change anything. I'm beginning to think we are looking at a reinstall or something equally drastic. The fact that I can't do a system restore in addition to these other things worries me about the integrity of the whole thing... Thanks! Gary
  8. It was Bitdefender when this started, but we uninstalled that so as to eliminate any interference during this process. Now it's the Windows one. I think Windows Defender is running as well since it defaulted to that when Bitdefender was uninstalled. Windows firewall seems to think it's connected even though the cable isn't connected and there is no wifi adapter.
  9. Hi Ron, Okay, I connected directly to the feed. No luck. It said it was connected to an unidentified network (after rebooting) but still no internet. The router itself still thought the computer was connected throughout this. As a matter of fact, the router thinks the computer is connected regardless of whether the computer is or not. That is, I can unplug the ethernet cable and it still shows connected according to the router. When I reset the router earlier, the connection of course didn't show up, but once that computer is connected, even momentarily, the router always shows it connected. Not sure if that is relevant or not. Thanks!
  10. Hi Ron, I tried the ROUTE -F command and restarted. No change. I'm not quite sure I follow on bypassing the router. You are suggesting I hook the offending computer directly to the internet feed thus physically bypassing the router? Gary
  11. Hi Ron, Nice little utility there. Was much easier. Attached are the results. Lot's of time outs and such. Gary ping and trace results.txt
  12. Hi Ron, Attached is a capture of the cmd screen with the output. I wasn't sure how to copy and paste out of that window. Thanks! Gary
  13. Hi Ron, I ran the three files as requested and downloaded, but didn't install the fourth. I restarted after each install. No change. Thanks! Gary
  14. Hi Ron, It's a home built from components, about 5 yrs old. The speccy file is attached. Thanks! Gary JULIE-PC.zip
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