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  1. Have you looked into the programdata\sccom\txthrlog directory? Clearing this out finally stopped them all from calling home and crashing the server. Used a group policy setting to clear out and left it for a day before i opened the port again. We're back to normal.
  2. Have a ticket - Have cleared the logs and they are still calling in. is the data stored elsewhere and just referenced in the logs?
  3. I'm still trying to figure it out. I've received scripts to clear out the logs on the endpoint, however the devices calling home are still spiking the RAM
  4. TY - working on clearing out the programdata logs so the stop sending
  5. Thank you for the reply, i have a ticket (#00051828) open and have done the trunc logs four times Is there a different task in SSMS i need to do?
  6. TY, but clients that we've updated or reinstalled seem to be fine - this is for the console
  7. The Malware Bytes Management Console has been spiking up to use all of the RAM on the machine and then slows until it stops responding. This started Monday when we were finally able to start getting machines back online from the weekend, and i'm sure is related to receiving all the data from the machines. I updated from 1.6x to 1.8.x last night, the licenses show licensed, but the RAM crawls back up until it's unresponsive again.
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