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  1. Situation with PIA is even worse now - I found I have to completely exit malwarebyes to allow PIA to run as malwarebytes since today will not let PIA run at all. Need some help here.
  2. Okay I'm going to need to reinstall Malwarebytes Browser Guard and we're going to need to wait for issue to manifest again. Just to further add, I also run Malwarebyes Premium, if that factors in with any of the above extensions causing conflicts. @gonzo, can you try using the extensions I am using and see if there are any conflicts. I listed the extensions in my OP.
  3. I keep seeing firefox crashing out when I close it down (I guess we can more call it hanging after exiting firefox). Not always but often enough to annoy me. Without Browserguard installed these hangs do not occur. I can hear my PC revving up and a crash report window will pop up when this happens. The other addons I have installed are extensions - uBlock origin, NoScript, Personal Blocklist, and theme - Clean Brushed Steel.
  4. This seems off. I strongly doubt there's a trojan on Steam community. Fix please?
  5. Yes I did that, but I want someone to look at the files I was asked to provide, so that it at least appears someone is trying to fix the issue. So once an official person pops in and does that, I will be stuck in an endless chat loop if you keep trying to smotth things over with me, which you don't have to do. I just want the official team to pop in. And take my files. And appear to be working on a solution.
  6. Well at this time seeing as nobody has actually looked at the memory dump I linked, it's just an assumption that it is due to running a VPN and Malwarebytes web protection at same time. And I am still here posting and effectively bumping thread because I am waiting for official to pop in and do a little looksie. Would have only posted once today but I keep getting told that someone will eventually look in here some time...
  7. Well yes, obviously I would like someone official to be replying to my bug report here. And from reading other threads - "everyone's PC is different attach your logs here issue gets fixed faster" so the things I attached and uploaded might help. Just someone official needs to be looking at them and talking to me. I mean, BSOD caused by Malwarebytes. Not exactly okay to leave people experiencing that.
  8. Thanks, I would really love to see this bug fixed. Getting BSOD from my very essential security software is all shades of horrible.
  9. Hello again. Nobody is replying and the memory dump file I was asked to upload still has not been downloaded.
  10. Thanks, I'll only be turning web protection off when I go to use my VPN. I don't randomly use the internet with my VPN on so doing this will be fine in meantime until this BSOD issue is properly fixed. Just have to remember to switch web protection off first before touching the VPN, because I really don't like putting myself through horrifying bluescreens of death. Was quite worried when those two BSOD happened.
  11. Okay thanks, when I saw a BSOD on my computer I was horrified, will be happy when this is fixed. I'll camp here till someone replies and a fix is made.
  12. And also wanted to see that someone was seeing the issue and working on it, seeing as Malwarebytes is causing BSOD when running with VPNs.
  13. Okay, just I saw the memory dump file hadn't been downloaded at all yet. Was wondering if I needed to do anything else as well.
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