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  1. Sorry, didn't answer the last question: I don't experience any similar issues in any other game I play. It's just this game.
  2. All of those statements are correct. However I have to mention that the game is poorly coded and could easily be doing something it shouldn't be doing to make Malwarebytes suspicious. Due to a CTD bug (application issue, silent crash to desk) I have had to run game sandboxed to avoid the CTD. Another person found that if he disabled hardware DEP it stopped his CTD of the exact same type as well, it looks like the game tries to access protected memory or something. File attached. mbst-grab-results.zip
  3. I tried turning that off to see if Malwarebytes backed off the server, but didn't see that happen, it seemed to stay connected to that server. Only when I disabled Malwarebytes itself the connection was cut from Malwarebytes to the Fallout 76 server.
  4. The automated reply isn't anything to do with my issue, so I do need some human to come in here and take a look at this situation.
  5. Been having some trouble with appearing online in the social menu and for social functions like grouping in a game - Fallout 76. No problems staying connected to actual game itself though. I think Malwarebytes is blocking some part of Fallout 76's social function/server as my friends menu disappeared as usual but then I noticed Malwarebytes was actually connected to the Fallout 76 social functions server for some reason. I have put in all the exceptions and there's nothing I can do my end to get Malwarebytes to ignore this game and stop blocking things, so it seems that there's some kind of issue with the game and Malwarebytes.
  6. Awesome thanks for update, my scan just horrified me with this also, figured that was off.
  7. Haha omg - I had no idea that setting existed. When I set this up ages ago it said "English" and I thought that meant "English" not "US" and all the things that come with the US. Should probably add something to it like "Display language/date format" so silly fools like me go to look ? Thank you! That fixes it. Please disregard thread, problem solved.
  8. I'm posting here after being directed to by Support staff, in hopes someone with some clout is reading this. It's a request to get the English date format added to the Malwarebytes client (day/month/year). Currently we only see the US date format (month/day/year) which can be sometimes slightly confusing to people like me who don't live in the US. I'd just like the option to set my client to report back to me using the date format I understand best. Would it be possible to get the English date format (day/month/year) added to the client please?
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