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  1. Okay, TempLost, thanks. I installed it just now. Thanks, Devin and Access Denied, for your input!
  2. Thanks for your replies. I've had no issues other than the mini calamity with the update at the end of January. So on the small chance that I could be one of the minority who are having problems with the new update, I will pass for now. Thanks, everybody. Don't feel like risking it. That update issue was such a major nuisance.
  3. Any problem with Malwarebytes Should I bother with this update? This is for W7 desktop. I have MWB Premium 3.3.1.
  4. I find this INFURIATING!!! "10:48 AM The update v1.0.3803 without the bad detection was posted": OH, GREAT!! 10:48 a.m. on Saturday you fixed it and I didn't realize anything until Sunday night at 9 p.m. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! And I didn't learn it was a MWB problem until Monday afternoon. GREAT COMMUNICATION!!! I will spend this weekend in the house catching up on work I should have done last weekend. WHY DID YOU NOT EMAIL USERS? You have no email addresses? If not for one friend who was helping me decide on which new computer to buy who wanted to see my dead computer Sunday night, I might have gone out Monday morning to Micro Center to buy a new desktop computer. Geez. I have another corrective action: Corrective Action Based on the finding listed above, the following corrective actions will be taken:  The system that performs the syntax checking of all Web Filtering heuristics will be expanded to reject entries that cover these wide IP ranges.  The components within the Malwarebytes Web Filtering system that runs on customer computers will be changed to perform stronger checking of these entries – similar to the point above – and reject any that do not meet that criteria.  Improve the facility within our publishing system that provides the ability for faster rollback of problematic detections. This will reduce the window of exposure, thus reducing the number of customers impacted.  Add many more computers to our existing testing cluster to increase the scope of our coverage. ADDITIONALLY, WE WILL INFORM ALL USERS IMMEDIATELY!!!!! We won't hide it on the MB forum which many people never visit or know about. We will use email!!
  5. Still no email to users. And now I hear there's a plan for the future. Will I ever get to read it? Was it emailed to some users? Why has MWB still not reached out to its users? There's probably some people who have no idea about the defective and then the subsequent update!
  6. Oh, very smart of you to have gone in to look at how processes were using memory and then to get right online to research. It didn't occur to me at all! And I had total access to the internet on my laptop. I will certainly remember in the future that any problem could be MWB and remove it immediately. Right now with my computer working fine, task manager tells me that MWB (MBAMService.exe) is using 246,536 K of memory and mbamtray.exe *32 is using 8,176 K. I can only imagine what that number was on Saturday. But the computer was useless and CTRL-ALT-DEL did nothing, so I'd probably not be able to even access Task Manager in the event of another horrible incident like we had on Saturday.
  7. I presume the current version is 3.3.1? Can someone verify that? For me, it updated seamlessly without any action on my part. So my recovery was perfect but I got hit like a ton of bricks by the defective update.
  8. I believe the statement adds a very worthwhile comment to this discussion. While you might not have a phone that receives email, the vast majority of people do, and it's extremely odd that TPTB at MWB chose to not email every user on Saturday. True, you wouldn't have gotten that email on a phone but you could have been using a spare computer without MWB (like me) and you, too, could possibly have received that email.
  9. You said that you found out about this mess on Saturday on your phone (an email, I thought, but maybe not) and then you say that a simple email should have included us, the users. So did you find out about this Saturday? I found out late Sunday night when I turned the computer on and saw that it's fine but not until Monday about the MWB problem. How can MWB not have sent an email to users on Saturday??!!!
  10. I used my laptop for the weekend, using my wireless that worked fine. No MWB on that computer. That's one way I would have gotten the email. The second way I could have received that email is my phone. So laptop with no MWB and the phone, TONS of people are in that same situation and would have benefited greatly on Saturday from it. The email should have briefly outlined the problem and said the fix is complete, you can all turn on your computers and see that it's fixed, something like that.
  11. It didn't occur to me for a nanosecond that it could have been a MWB problem. My tech guys weren't available over the weekend. The problem was fixed and I had no idea. If not for my neighbor Mike who came in Sunday night to advise me on what computer I should buy on Monday, I'd have bought a completely unnecessary new computer yesterday. He said to me Sunday night, "Let me see your dead computer." So I turned it on and all was FINE. What????!!!!! A fluke? Still a broken computer that seems fine but a week from now will REALLY die? All this uncertainty and MAJOR AGITA due to MWB not informing its users via email. To change the subject a tad, I'm curious to know why I seem to have completely recovered 100 percent by virtue of the MWB update and others have not, even having hard drives ruined. It's just me and my desktop computer at home. I got completely hit by the problem and completely cured by the update. Why is this not everybody's story?
  12. Why did MWB not send out an email to every user informing them of the problem and what to do? As soon as they released the patch or update, whatever we call it, that email should have gone out. It would have reclaimed the lost weekend of work for me. My first inkling was when I called Micro Center tech support on Monday to get advice on what would have been my next desktop computer, thinking that my current machine had died on Saturday. It's 7.5 years old, so who knows when it'll go. I told the tech guy, Josh, about my dead desktop that I was replacing and was about to ask him what he recommends security-wise. I said that I've been very happy with MSE and MWB and he jumped in to say, "Oh, you have MWB? That's why you had the problem." I said, "Yeah? So why is it working now?" "Because they issued a patch." So, again, WHY DID MWB NOT SEND OUT AN EMAIL TO ALL USERS ON SATURDAY?????
  13. I am one individual with a 7.5-year-old W7 Pro desktop computer, 16 MB of RAM, 1 TB hard drive which is half full. Saturday and Sunday were devoted to work. i canceled fun plans due to all the work I had to do catching up. Saturday late morning I started. Noticed right away a warning that MWB not running but it did not respond to my click to turn it on. Before long the freezing, slowness, computer not responding to CTRL-ALT-DEL, start button not responding. Did two hard shutdowns and both times computer seemed okay on reboot but not for long. I got "no memory" windows when trying to open a Word file. Computer was useless. I noticed that the clock was an hour or so off. Was somehow able to shut it down normally and worked on my laptop Sat and Sunday, totally an undesirable alternative but my only choice. I turned on the machine Sunday night and it booted fine with the correct clock time. I did the windows memory diagnostic, which finished with no summary, just closed. MWB did respond to my "turn on" command. And computer is working fine now. The point of all this is that I needed no tech support to get to where I'm at now: a fully functioning computer. Nothing was ruined or needs attention. I'm aggravated and disgusted. And am considering whether to turn off or remove MWB or just keep it running but remember to remove it next time i have any kind of a problem.
  14. Geez, I lost the entire weekend due to this. A horrendous weekend of hardly any work getting done and researching a new computer. I am so disgusted.
  15. I lost Saturday and Sunday of work due to this. I thought that my 7.5-year-old desktop was toast. I worked on my laptop all weekend most uncomfortably and inefficiently. I spent a lot of time researching what I should next buy. First sign of oddity was a pop-up that MWB not running and it wouldn't respond to me clicking "run" and it was downhill from there. windows key didn't work, ctrl-alt-delete didn't work, hard shutdowns and reboot didn't work. Turned the computer on Sunday night and miraculously it works. SO DO I NEED A NEW DESKTOP COMPUTER OR NOT? It is 7.5 years old for goodness sake. It has W7P, 16 GB RAM, and 1TB hard drive that's almost half full. Today my "dead" desktop computer is working JUST FINE. I think I will uninstall MWB, though. I can't take another chance. Or do I just remember to remove MWB at the first sign of another problem? THIS WAS A HORRIBLE WEEKEND FOR ME BECAUSE OF MWB!!!!!
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