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  1. In 'settings' my real time protection for web and exploit are both turned off. If I click on them I get a 'starting' text but then both revert to off. I am also getting a pop up screen telling me that these are off but hitting the start button sends the pop up away but it returns again. I have done several restarts, the most recent seemed to have fixed it for a few seconds. Malwarebytes was also very slow to start. I started it after a rkill (report below). A threat scan has shown nothing. Real time protection was working prior to the update on Saturday which froze my machine for 2 days. Check Results report also attached. Rkill30 jan.txt CheckResults.txt
  2. I have this problem as well. Both web and exploit protection refuse to turn on. They worked pre Saturday.
  3. Hi. My PC failed after the update on Saturday. I spent yesterday looking for a new one, thought it was dead. Thankfully its now running and MB Premium is running but my Web Protection and Exploit Protection both refuse to turn on. I get 'Starting' and then they revert to 'off'. HELP! (I have run rkill.)
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