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  1. A suggestion, for corporate users, they need to collect and use out-of-band alternate email addresses for broadcast messaging.
  2. What we found was running the script that removes the *.ref file(s) and rebooting, did not solve the problem. The offline updater is the only way to go from our experience.
  3. It does remove the *.ref file(s) but doesn't solve the problem. We are able now to run the command line client install “MBAM-Rules-2018-1-28.exe” via PSExec. That appears to be fixing things pretty well.
  4. I had to modify the mbes-fixer.bat for corporate use to use C$ and not C% in the line, "net use Z: "\\%%a\C$" /user:"%%a\%LOCALADMIN%" "%PASSWORD%"" We are not seeing this works. Rebooting and the problem remains.
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