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  1. Than you for the assistance, I'll come back to this if something else pops up.
  2. Un-checking the RET ROP Gadget detection (64bit) seems to have cured it, wonder what changed for this to start triggering.
  3. Yesterday I was just killing time surfing the web, had a couple of tabs open, Home Telecom email, Crigslist and ebay I think (nothing crazy) Firefox closed and I missed the error message on the first bounce, reopened Firefox it stays open for 20-30 sec.s and closes "exploit rop gadget attack blocked" message. I tried running Firefox in safe mode and i still blocks it. Opened Chrome jumped on good old Google and tried a few things to determine what was wrong; Ran Adwcleaner, Sophos virus tool, JRT and FRST64 to no avail. I have Premium but hadn't set up my account, til now, ran mb-check and here I am. And here you go: mb-check-results.zip JRT.txt
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