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  1. Push for a scan so that the update process gets the fix, once it starts scanning, pause the scan and reboot your computer
  2. I am amazed by the amount of people who deinstalled the program, it was not that hard to kill the problem, in MB options, switched off Self Protection and 'starting with windows', rebooted and fixed was the immediate problem. Today checked forum and read there was a fix, restarted MB, forced a scan to get the update, paused scan, switched back on Self Protect and start with windows, Reboot. Done
  3. Well it wasn't very hard to get the computers working again. - Msg came up 'not enough memory' <CRTL-SHIFT-ESC> : 'Resource Monitor' <click> <Select tab 'memory'> 'What is the culprit here, ah MBAM service, very well, probably a pushed update that's gone wrong, lets go kill it' Open Malwarebytes, options, switch off self protect and switch off starting with windows > Reboot system FIXED
  4. Not strange, you are both missing the error in the version number up top. It reads 3.2.2 So OT does not have 3.3.2
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