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  1. After successfully shutting down using 2nd Win 10 (in dual boot), not having updated MWB in that system, I booted into UEFI and noticed a USB Keyboard/Remote Power On and USB Mouse Power On. Now these were previously set to enabled and shut down was occurring without mishap from either of the Win 10 systems. After MWB update on first system but not second, shutdown was normal in the second but in constant restart loop in first. After disabling USB Keyboard/Remote Power On and USB Mouse Power in UEFI, the first, updated, system shut down normally. I have no idea what the connection might
  2. I have same problem. Definitely caused by latest update.
  3. Just updated my Malwarebytes and have exactly the same problem. I shut down my pc and it restarts after a couple of seconds. Definitely a Malwarebytes issue because the update was the last thing I did before attempting shut down. Confirmation came when I booted into second copy of Win 10 on same machine, without updating Malwarebytes and normal shut down occurred. Both Win 10’ s are up to date v 1909. Plan to investigate further tomorrow, most likely by complete clean and reinstall although from the dialogue above doesn’t look good.
  4. Here's the message I got in the past: Ah, I see, so it's also impacting system performance while the system is running, not just during startup/shutdown. Yes, in that case the only mitigation (aside from installing a previous build) would be to keep the Ransomware Protection component disabled, at least until this issue is addressed, hopefully in the next release. Honestly I generally keep it turned off anyway since it is by far the least proactive protection component in Malwarebytes since it only monitors process behavior for ransomware activity, meaning you'd actually have to already
  5. OK Marc For what it's worth, in my previous battle with this one of the knowledgeable respondents indicated that Ransomware Protect was not proactive protection. Now I'm not sure if this is still the case but you might try to switch it off while you are offline. That way you can rule it in/out as the problem. Ron
  6. I'm running MB v4. My problem is very similar and only resolves if I turn off Ransomware Protect. With Ransom Protect running, the desktop takes forever to load, screen eventually appears then blacks out and reappears. Mouse movement is extremely jerky and periodically locks. The problem first showed up under MB v 3 and I recall numerous threads on the forum about this. The problem happened before and since updating to Win 10 1903, and also on a second boot to Win 10 1903 clean installation. I have laptops and another desktop all of which run without any issue (go figure). In the past, I under
  7. Thanks to all who responded for your helpful and instructive comments. I will certainly remember them next time an emergency repair is needed. I do think, however, that there ought to be some way of linking the programme to the specific machine (as is done by my antivirus, and numerous other licensed software). Ron
  8. I recently had to restore my system from a full backup disk image. When complete, Malwarebytes Premium (v3.71) was only operating in "Free" mode and when I tried entering the license key, it behaved as though I had exceeded my installation quota. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Funnily enough, none of my other licensed programmes seem to interpret an image restore in the same way. (Even more oddly, I have had one episode where deactivation occurred after a restoration from Sleep Mode.) Ron
  9. Build 3.7.1 does not fix this issue for me on Win10 (build 17134.556). Keeping Ransomware protect off remains the only way that mouse craziness, very slow log on, significantly delayed programme startup are mitigated.
  10. I have done exactly that. Thanks for all your helpful suggestions, I really appreciate them. RonH
  11. I have performed a clean install. I uninstalled Malwarebytes using Revo Uninstaller which cleared all pertinent registry entries and all files and folders. Problem returned as soon as I reinstalled.
  12. Thanks for the interesting information. I was unaware of the way in which Ransomware protect operated and feel more assured about the protection provided by the other modules. I found that when I reverted to a previous build (the one that putatively fixes the Win7 issue) the Ransomware problem remained. This suggests to me that there is some gremlin at work that is well interwoven with Malwarebytes and Win10 but I'm no software expert.
  13. Thanks for the suggestion. That would certainly solve the slow logon but not the slow response during normal windows operation which is also part of the problem. RonH
  14. Fast startup is disabled, I turned this off a long time ago. I also just verified in the registery settings for Hiberboot and it is set to zero, i.e. disabled.
  15. Yes, I've added all the recommended exclusions to each of them.
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