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  1. Hi! I am having an issue with a site I currently run. I messaged an admin about it, then was instructed to re-open my topic in case it's my computer or browser. You can see the topic here. It ended up not being my computer or browser. I have scanned and re-installed and the issue still persists. Information about the site: I have ran a scan in cpanel as well as consulted with my host and everything says that the site is clean. My host says it even has the green lock saying it's secure when they view it. I have checked the theme files as well as other php files and the directories and cannot find any malicious code among any files. I'm not sure if it is a false positive or if a plugin in wordpress could have caused it but there hasn't been any complaints or issues from my clients nor on my computer when visiting/connecting the past week. It showed up today 3.14.19. around 4am this morning when I went to check on the site. Thank you for any help!
  2. Hi! I really appreciate you helping me! I removed firefox and all files in roaming/program files/etc. Cleared the history and re-installed. But the problem is still there (attached)
  3. I'm not syncing on any devices. I have reset my firefox and it still persists. Do you think it's a false positive on the site? If it is - is there any way to have it removed from malwarebytes' list as an infected site? I have ran a scan on the site itself, inside of the cpanel (since I run it), and there's no viruses.
  4. The IP in the malwarebytes popup warning at the bottom is the server IP that the site is currently hosted on.
  5. When I visit a site that I currently run, it says I cannot visit due to a trojan? But myself and my host has checked and so far there's nothing. I'm thinking malwarebytes might be flagging it, I want to say as a false positive, unless it's a plugin. But everyone says they aren't getting any warnings and that the site is secure with the green lock. The url is in the attached screen capture. I have also attached the files from a quickscan, FRST (and addition), ADWCleaner. And I ran a scan with Sophos Virus Removal Tool and it said my computer was clean. I have visited the site in both firefox and chrome. AdwCleaner[C12].txt FRST.txt MWB Threat Scan.txt Addition.txt
  6. Thank you so much! This topic can be closed. I really appreciate it! :)
  7. Thank you so much! Nothing came up on the scan, thank you! I have attached the log file SophosVirusRemovalTool.log
  8. Hi! Thank you so much for helping me! I turned on system restore for both hard-drives on my computer. I chose 11gb for one and 18gb for the other, is this an okay option or should I make it higher/lower? I have ran the fixlist and attached the fixlog! The fixlist cleared up a good amount of space! And I haven't really noticed any problems so far. My display had a little glitch for a second but I think it's because the system was still booting up. I was mostly just worried I might have a virus, do you think I did? Thank you so so so much! Fixlog.txt
  9. When I say (threat), I mean the quick threat scan option in malwarebytes. Should I attach a different scan? A full one? Let me know Thank you for any help! I am very grateful!
  10. Issue: File downloaded from website after popup happened, I'm guessing. Browser I used at the time: Google Chrome File: something.htm from a site with xyz as the extension. Malwarebytes blocked me from visiting the site. Happened: February 23rd at 10am. Issues: Just worried if it could have infected my computer Additional: My space saver came on, but I am not convinced they are related as I cleaned a few things out of my computer and now have more space. What I Have Done: Ran scan with premium malwarebytes (threat) and adwcleaner. Turned off automatic downloads in Chrome. Results: Found no issues or viruses/etc. Additional Question: Do you know how to delete temporary files safely without losing any of my actual files? As I think that might be where all of the space is being taken up at. I have attached the threat scan txt and the farbar scan FRST and Addition txt. Thank you! ☺️ Addition.txt FRST.txt ThreatScan.txt
  11. I'm a worry wort when it comes to viruses, which is why I renew my malwarebytes liscense every year for premium quality virus protection but tonight I had a little scare. A family friend was on my computer and downloaded/installed a program in which she could use her apple product as a camera. She had noticed the audio wasn't working, asked me to check it out, and behold my audio was not playing anything. Spotify, youtube, nothing. I fixed the audio issue, I think (audio is playing fine now)? I had to remove two drivers it installed into my computer (installed something to do that as it wasn't showing up in my drivers manager). One began with cam and the other began with sens. And I'm worried if it could have done anything else to the computer. [!!! imporant] the program name was: pocketcam by Senstic It also goes by the name ipocket (i think it might have shown up listed in one of the files i generated with farber, not sure) and e2eSoft iVCam? Any camera (cam, webcam) program leftovers or anything from it I would prefer removed completely from my computer and can do so manually if there is anything else left if need be ♥ I am using WINDOWS 10 if that helps. When I looked up the audio issue with that in the search results, I saw something that mentioned it could be a virus. So naturally, I panicked. I ran both threat and full scans on my computer with malewarebytes premium, did a full scan with windows defender too. Both programs found nothing. The reason I ask is because I don't want to have to factory restore the computer as it will take hours and I'll lose all of my settings/etc. I have done all of the steps here: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/9573-im-infected-what-do-i-do-now/ and attached what was needed as well as included everything below: Attached: Addition.txt and FRST.txt and quickscan.txt. from malewarebytes quick scan Thank you if you can help let me know if my computer is clean or not. I noticed some lag and some connection slowness, but that could just be me being paranoid. I'm not getting any popups or anything like that. But I would really like to make sure it's clean and remove any items or things the program could have changed or added. Addition.txt FRST.txt quickscan.txt
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