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  1. While my computers were off I grabbed my phone because I luckily noticed they had malwarebytes service taking the entire memory (Task Manager told me). So I used my phone to jump on the web and search malwarebytes service, and luckily I clicked on the link to this thread.
  2. I, like everyone else on this planet, have a smartphone. And that smartphone receives my email. And it is unaffected by MB viruses on my home network. And its the way I luckily found out about this on Saturday while my computers were borked and disconnected from the internet. Thats why a simple email, exactly like what they sent to associates and resellers on Saturday, should have included us.
  3. MB has the email address of every person who purchased the Premium MBAM. Thats how they sent us the product keys. MB sent an email to their associates and resellers on Saturday explaining the situation. MB posted an explanation on this forum on Saturday. Now, why could they not send emails to its Premium users on Saturday? And now its 3 days later and still no email
  4. Negative feedback from customers is how things get fixed and improve. Dissing customers for doing so doesnt help that process.
  5. To those who think MB did a good job, and its up to users to use their heads to solve this...umm, no. Are you aware that its reasonable to assume 10's of millions of users around the world were likely affected by this? Maybe hundreds of millions based on MB's statements on how many computers they affect. Are you aware that many are not tech savvy or anywhere near tech savvy? There are stories of grandparents calling their kids to come over and figure what went wrong. Are you aware that MB still hasnt sent a simple email to users to tell them no, it wasnt a virus taking over your computer? I consider myself tech savvy, and was 10 minutes away from reformatting 3 PC's because I was certain it was the worst virus I'd ever experienced. I got lucky because I noticed Malwarebytes service taking 100% of my 64 GB RAM and 100% of my system SSD. I was certain it was a virus masquerading as Malwarebytes, and googled that. I got lucky because I clicked the link to this forum. Ask the businesses around the world who were freaking all weekend because their systems crashed, an the IT guys awake all night trying to fix it. The response has been shameful. Just because YOU recovered fine is irrelevant. Think of others.
  6. Wonderful. So the vast majority of millions of actual users who are least prepared to resolve it, and need the info most, are the ones who don't get it. Bravo MB. Well done.
  7. True, we've all made mistakes. But nothing that has damaged and disrupted millions of computers around the world, solely because we didn't do something that was very simple. A whole lot different from putting a scratch in the car door, or leaving the milk out. And what could any reasonable person ask? How about they send us an immediate email telling us about the issue so we don't waste a weekend, and so businesses don't lose money and have people working all night trying to figure this out. Is that not reasonable? Instead they hide it in this blog, put nothing on their website front page, and nothing in the general media about it.
  8. Yeah, I think you're right. Or maybe some are IT guys who imagine themselves being the guy who make the "little mistake" that messed up millions of computers around the world, and want to sweep it under the rug. I can just imagine tomorrow when everyone goes back to work and starts comparing notes... "what?? your computer crashed too?? Hey someone said it was that Malwarebytes thing, is that true?". Should be interesting. By the way, I still haven't received an email from MB about this......
  9. Have you tried un-installing Malwarebytes? Maybe do that and just wait a bit until everything gets sorted.And after this, you may decide to uninstall permanently...
  10. Yeah, it's beyond my comprehension the people tripping over themselves to congratulate a response that has been absolutely shameful.
  11. You received an email? When was that? Many of us have received nothing. Or maybe it was for only certain classes of customers?
  12. Yeah, well we'll see how they fare after the dust settles on this. I'm guessing Grog21's experience was multiplied millions of times around the world yesterday and last night, and I don't think people will be happy when they realize who's at fault. It' will be interesting to see how MB fares in the coming weeks and months. And if the IT community actually feels like BobDavor posted, that "making an error is not important, it's how you respond", and catching bugs like this is too burdensome and might "hinder creativity", then I think things might change in the IT world. Making an error is not important???
  13. Ahhh, thanks topcat7736. Good to know. I never realized the fast start held on to stuff like that.
  14. Nobody thinks it strange that here we are 24 hours after this fiasco started, and STILL MB hasn't sent out an email warning users of this issue??? How anybody can say this is anything but incompetent is beyond me. And shameful.
  15. It will be interesting this week to see what happens after all of the 10's or 100's of millions of users figure out what really caused their computers to crash over the weekend.
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